travel guest post. Mysterioustrip is progressing swiftly and to make it even more interesting for our readers we now accept travel-related guest posts. Here are some topics ideas we love : photography tutorials photo editing tutorials mobile photography travel stories social media tips blogging tips photography projects travel tips business tips And we would […]. When you write something on your own blog its just a "post", but on someone else's blog the writer is a 'guest'. Note: I get a lot of requests asking for the opportunity to write a guest post on topics that have little or nothing to do with travel and food, requests that are clearly copies of what is sent to many other websites, and requests that are really just asking me to publish a free ad for their business. Submit a guest blog post or Write for us at Techolac Tech Blog and Increase Your Online Visibility and Traffic to your brand or website. The more you write about travel, the. Currently we are accepting Guest post on topics like Travel Destination, Travel Advice, Tour & Travel, Fun & Leisure, Family Holidays, Places, Trekking, Hotels, lifestyle etc. No short articles will be accepted. We are also accepting free travel guest posts in our travel blog trawela. Post Images (in KB) Your Post Category. Marketing Technology Finance Health Business Travel. 8 thoughts on “ Guest Post: My Failed 1-800-Flowers Companion Pass Experience ” Mark February 19, 2015 at 11:11 am Same–Doc. Do replace “Keyword with your Keyword. We accept certain kind of free guest posting, while some would have to be sponsored for financially, below are criteria for free guest posts. Travel Blissful is a great travel blog with amazing photography that’s worth checking out. Beat of Hawaii friend and prolific commentor Barbara M. If you are an outdoors or travel blogger looking for a new site to post you can do it here. Nomadic Matt's Travel Site Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer. Guest blogging, Hiking and Trekking, Inspirational, Work with me; 17; Write for us and inspire others! Hello everyone. We welcome good quality articles and photographic posts from budding travel-writers and travel-photographers. uk 中文 Semantic search will help drive conversion and revolutionise the way users actually search for their travel needs. Don't post duplicate posts or guest posts with poor English. We are always looking for new writers to showcase their travel knowledge, whether one time or on an ongoing basis. We don’t cover budget travel (e. The article must be travel related. The Build Abroad blog, or “Build Blog” as we call it, is growing every month. You can also submit a guest post related to health, entertainment, business, and beauty. This time she has a practical (and pretty!) Travel Laundry Bag Tutorial that you can make for your own travel needs. Inexpensive Travel Tips for Parents of Young Children. Travelling is a huge part of what we do at Urban Splatter and we would love for your content to be published for our readers! We have a huge amount of travel posts that get thousands of organic traffic …. "guest post" "startup funding" "write for us" "guest article" "this is a. Green Global Travel does occasionally accept guest posts, but ONLY from travel bloggers and journalists we know personally, whether from face-to-face meetings or the various blogging-oriented groups on Facebook. Guest blogging is one of the most effective link building techniques, as well as a great way to boost awareness, drive more traffic to your blog and website and reach a wider, but relevant audience. Here’s Aric Sparmann on converting his 2008 Toyota RAV4 into a camper. Guest Posts on Travel Blog: we don't accept guest posts or. Even if you don’t want to contribute and just want to give me feedback or tell me something, send me a message and let me know any advice or comment. com is one of the best Indian travel blogs where people share real travel experience to various tourist destinations. Less than an hour north-west of London, adjacent to the Thames, lies the Chilterns. A travel blog guest post with freewheelings is a great opportunity to widen your audience. Please take some time to read through my blog post so that you can write something relevant to blog about. Travel 15 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka Related To Ramayana The island nation of Sri Lanka, which was formerly known as Ceylon, is a wonderful …. Think ‘how to’ or ‘3 steps to XX’. Our main goal is to provide travel-related information on TravellerHunt. All guest posts should be 100% original and not hosted on any other website, blog or publication. When you submit a guest post to me, you can get all of them. To be honest, we weren't all that impressed with Koh Samui. - We are happy to suggest a guest post, or have you suggest one. do travel guest post on high da blogs. Typically, guest bloggers write for similar blogs within their industry: bring traffic back to your website. We welcome guest bloggers to contribute to our blog as long as they provide readers with a fresh perspective and objective information. Travel Blogs That Accept Guest Posts · 1# TrailSunblazed. Plus, earn a 0% bonus interest on travel purchases for the …. Your activity may include articles about photography, technology, your project, videos, photographs or guest post on health, gardening, education, tour, travel, religion, festivals, celebrities, cars, motor cycles, bikes, SEO, Digital Marketing, medical cannabis cbd cannabidiol THC Hemp Oil, business and. My Guest Post for Indie Travel Podcast Arti March 02, 2011 I just finished a guest post for Indie Travel Podcast , an independent travel hub with regular audio and video podcasts along with articles by travellers from all over the world hosted by Craig and Linda Martin, and I am really happy about it!!!. I Took A Solo Trip To Antarctica And It Was Amazing. To submit a guest post for consideration, please send me an email at [email protected] Content marketing Institute: Guest Post Guidelines. At Snaptrip, we try hard to be the go-to source of information for anyone looking to make the most of the UK. Are you a social media influencer, traveller or lifestyle blogger, media or advertising company, or a tourist guide looking to build a strong online portfolio, then don't wait for it. 123 Blog Post Ideas for Travel Companies. You are free to promote your article on social media like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon etc. org is A Travel Blog sharing exciting travel stories, tips, and hints. Guest post means inviting someone who is as crazy as us to write about their experiences, knowledge or innovation that they would love for the world to read. It can contain a single live link. Will you book your future cruise?. Growing a travel blog is hard work, and one of the absolute best ways to do so is to build connections with other travel sites by guest . This long-form content more fully answers search queries, providing potential ranking opportunities. Guest posts should be on a topic that is on either Food, Travel, Social Media or Lifestyle. Here at the write for us travel blog, we are all about great content. Pete Vrouvas tells us about the best eats in Hanoi, Vietnam: Eating in Hanoi: Old Quarter delectables. Don’t forget to attach your copy and additional resources like images, videos, etc. Now that you’ve found a site to guest post on, it’s time for step #2… Step #2: Get Your Guest Post Ready. Top 10 Awesome Things To Do in Kamakura. "Guest Post" for Travel, Insurance, WordPress, SEO and Digital Marketing - If you desire to write a guest post, I desires to post it. Travel Guest Post Guidelines – Best World Travel Destinations. 50 Travel Blog Post Ideas. Guest Travel Writers is a site that offers the opportunity for writers to have their work published. We've included several high DA travel blogs and online magazines that accept guest posts and include dofollow links. uk Content must be in compliance with 'blog with integrity'. Because right travel destination keywords can help ranking article on . website ranking and visibility on search engines, if so then this is the right place for you!. Kindly take note of our guidelines so that we may streamline the process of accepting and posting your blog. We have high power Australian based visitor blog entry destinations. Sustainable Travel Tips Post COVID-19 – guest post by Luke Smith. Guest bloggers must be bloggers with own blog. almost 1 in 3) asking for money in exchange for a guest post. I believe everyone has their own writing style, I don’t mind if you cover a topic that I’ve already written about as we each have our own. At the time of writing this post, they pay for guest posts that are published in the print version of their bi-monthly newsletter. Here are some other travel perspectives (plus have a look at the Globavore Interviews): Megan Johnson explores Taiwan and its "weird and wonderful" foods. Head over to the Contact Us page and drop us a line for more. And people do this so they can get more brand . If you write on travel or on home improvement, if you submit a technology guest post or something on finance, if you like to write on fashion or fitness, on business or health, they are equally important and useful for all of us. Free list of sites that accept guest posts. If you are interested in writing a guest post for Budget Travel Plans please email us the following information in the contact form below: Three previously published articles (please provide active links to the content) The website you are writing a guest post for (please note the. net, says providing flexible online courses for employees is essential if firms are to find and retain staff and offer the customer service levels they need to operate profitably. The useful posts are those which cover every aspect of the topic. It’s been a busy few weeks in Suffolk with trips to Norway and the purchase of a new car (you will have read all about that!) but we must …. Amount of days required to complete work for this Offer as set by the freelancer. Perfect Marriage Matrimony - Guest Posts On Wedding Planning, Travel. Guest post article must be 700 words or more. Thanks for your interest in submitting a guest post or article to havecamerawilltravel. It has focus on simplicity, beautification, practising easy and straight-forward learning. Share your travel tips and ideas of traveling. BiggieTips is your source for tips to help improve all aspects of your life. Guest Post Feature: Share a Travel Blogging Great Tip. You can also follow Erica on Twitter @travelblissful. Write for us and submit a guest post If you would like to submit a guest post on travel to my website, then please fill in the form below and I will get back to you 🙂 …. Guest post: refugee and travel bans. This weekend it's all about the Boston Marathon, and if you happen to be in town with the kids, take a look at my travel guide to the city in this weeks guest post for Don't Mess With Mama. Write your bio as the third person while submitting the post. As a result, it's a win-win deal for both of us. The Easter Holiday is gradually creeping up on us. How to Find More Travel Guest Post:- If you want to more guest post as travel niche you will use this search terms and get more free and paid guest blog website. Workforce management is a software responsible for efficiently managing the working and productivity of employees…. Don’t be shy, get in touch today and pitch us a post. A cheeky little guest post written by my brother. Nowadays Guest Posting is a very effective way to improve the online presence and visibility and reputation as an expert in a particular sector. Finding the best guest posting sites that accept travel posts isn’t an easy task. I have been following Josh's blog for a few months and I like his writing style and topics (he covers MS strategies and cash back deals). com we maintain an updated list of blogs that accept guest posts to help you with your guest posting. Gap year travel and weekend break types of travel are great way to unwind yourself from an otherwise hectic routine life. Lola Akinmade is a GIS consultant, photojournalist and travel writer who has contributed to Vagabondish, Transitions Abroad, Matador Travel, and Brave New Traveler. Posted on July 11, 2013 by Aly. Write for Us – Guest Post Guidelines. · Use copyright/royalty-free images. Guest Posts written for Travel for Difference from other writers. We’d like your stories to be a minimum of 1000 words. Submit a guest post for our readers to find out how actually smitten by travel you are. Article’s topic has to be closely related to Japan and Japanese Culture (art, culture, manga, media, movies, music, cities. · Have poor English in your pitch letter. Tour Travels Hunt accepting guest posts. 1/3 to 1/2 cup light agave nectar, to taste. If you are a travel addict, I invite you to submit a guest post to Nomadic Mind Travel. Travel “guest column” Travel “guest post” Travel “submit blog post” Travel “this is a guest post by” Travel “want to write for” Travel “write for us” Your banner here. Additional Articles/Submission (+ 3 Days) +$5. focus into the "post travel" phase. Ankara Travel Guide: Turkey’s Young Capital. I've decided to start sharing some of the sites that we reach out to for link building to help out other SEOs that are a part of the BGDM community. We will not accept duplicate content. And if you've had any travel disasters, these could make a great addition to my new category: Travel Horror Stories. We get so many comments from people who still aren’t clear about what is needed to be able to travel to Hawaii, should you choose to, right now. com * (Revised as of November 19, 2015) BestWorldTravelDestinations. We suggest using Grammarly to make sure your content is grammatically sound, and your spelling is correct. Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania (including Zanzibar) and Kenya. The average travel blogger will charge an average of $200 per sponsored post. Gojek Clone: One Super App Solution For Wide On-Demand Services. Celebrating it is considered an excellent start to a new year. The critical task is to find a perfect admin-December 11, 2021. List of 15,195 guest posting sites. Hello I have a web about travel and tourism. Write for us Health (Guest Post) – Fix Health provides you an opportunity to submit a guest post on our website. Please note, we are only accepting publications of original travel. If you plan on contacting me to submit a guest post, please include the following in your email:. What kind of content do I accept? Anything that is useful for my readers is good content for a guest post here. So here’s something a bit different to my usual ranting. When I retired my goal was to travel the world during the “go-go” years of retirement. Yes, we would love to have you as a guest author About this website. At the moment I accept guest posts if is possible put my web in your list. I will guest post on high quality travel blog for $5. If you are interested in a Sponsored Article, please contact me. The Atlantic is a popular website that is always interested in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry submissions. I have a PR2 travel blog with over 6,000 Facebook fans. Thomas, photographer and travel enthusiast. The Cheapest Destinations to Book Now for 2022 posted on December 7, 2021;. Hi guys! I'm so sorry I've been inactive, I really want to write more but. Travel Guest Posting on blogs and social media has become the latest trend for travel companies, hotels, airlines, restaurants and many more related industries. Put the article under right category and with right tags. The article must be unique, well-formatted and information base (non-promotional). Since they don’t openly advertise it there isn’t a ‘Write for Us’ page. Before you jump into the world of guest posting on Fupping, make sure to read these simple and straightforward guidelines to ensure your post gets accepted. Find and list Australian Post, Travel, Post Card, Hotel and Guest supplies, Hotel & Travel, Hotels & Travel, Tours and Travel, Travel & Tour, Travel & Tourism, Travel / Caravans, Travel Agent, Travel agent,, Travel Agents, Travel and accommodation, travel and leisure business for free. Travel, Health, Business & Finance, Food, etc. Dear fellow travelers and travel bloggers! We’re happy to announce that we’re starting to accept guest posts. Important Hawaii Travel Tips | Guest Post. Travel Guest Posts Do you have a unique travel story to tell? We welcome travel related guest posts from across the world. Due to weather related travel issues we have several new guest cancellations: Mike Alstott, Cris Carter, Amari Cooper, Daunte Culpepper, Aaron Jones, Ty …. Submit Your Guest post, Technology, Travel, Android, Law. 94% of travel blogs sell advertising. This blog is a wonderful resource for people who like to combine travel with recreational sports. Leave your email, write a topic and an abstract of a future article. " I asked if he would mind sharing his thoughts with us and he agreed. Below there are some important keywords that will help you out to accept the guest post. Take a look at the table below. You can post/place backlinks on the following websites: https://gotravelyourself. The short posts cannot provide sufficient information on any topic. If you want an indication of the kinds of topics we’re looking for, here’s a sample list: travel writing. We always welcome new writers to join our blog. Submit guest post on tech blog, having thousands of visitors per month which gives your website huge traffic and quality backlink. We want to help other travel writers, in the same way people have done . It can be related to RVing, camping in general, great destinations, and especially money-saving information and travel tips for RVers and tent campers. The sense of awe I had felt that day at the ancient Wat Arun slips away as I look through my photos. The article should be preferably in a "guide" style with a little bit of personal experience = reflect practical tips, which travelers can apply while planning their next trip. Travel Blog Awards, Features & Guest Posts. I publish posts that vary greatly in length. will be allowed to contribute as a guest post. Your travel experience and a little about yourself. Czech Republic, Europe, Food, Guest Post, Luxury What Did You Eat Last Night – Charlie of JayWay Travel Posted on November 29, 2014 December 8, 2018 by Amber. Write for Us - Submit a Guest Post. If you've got a blog and you want to send us some of your best travel writing, feel free! We'll post it to our blog, our Twitter followers . For a look at our editorial process, you can check this out: 3 Guest Post Pitches That Got the Gig. SMARTPLIX is newly trending guest posting website. Guest blogging is also popular as a guest posting. If you are a business wishing to promote your travel product or. Find guest post opportunities; Qualify guest posting sites; Develop blog post topics; Create the perfect pitch; Write a post worth publishing; Follow up on your . We’re doing our best to make this site the ultimate travel source for those who don’t have more than 24 hours on a certain destination. GUEST POST: Business Bike Travel: Two wheels and a dream. If you want to promote your article/sites by posting article on . Travelling Buzz is a blog about adventure travel in Europe! From skydiving in Spain to kayaking on the Black Sea, my goal is to inspire people to travel more and follow their dreams by exploring new places and taking new adventures! If you want to contribute a guest or sponsored post, here’s what you need to know. It is one of the valuable parts of SEO off-page activities in which a content writer writes for another website of a company. In return, we can offer exposure for your writing and a link back to a personal blog and/or social media pages. by Miguel Gluton January 29, 2018 September 7, 2018. Travel Guest Posting Sites - Travel Sites Accepting Guest Posts Do you want to find travel sites that allow guest posts?. It is a way to improve your network without making many efforts. Please contact me first if you want include links to commercial sites and don't waste neither my neither yours time if you want to advertise some business, but don't have budget for it. If you are interested in guest posts please contact me using the contact form on the about page. Do you have a passion for travel or know more about certain destinations than most people? Well, if that sounds like you, then you are in luck because Pakistan Travel Blog is accepting guest posts from both female and male writers! We want to add more voices, opinions, stories, and tips to this site. We accept guest posts from travel bloggers or from someone who has actually visited the place. I only take guest posts from genuine friends or readers who've supported me, for example by buying my blogging book or commenting on this blog regularly. But finding the proper website, and who to submit …. You can directly send your Handy tips or …. Write for us on travel topics and have your content available online, we accept travel guest post that makes our audience informative and worth sharing. So, All Dear Friends we are providing Guest Posts, if you want to write or publish any informative topic here. Looking for a Travel Guest Post Blog? Are you looking for a quality travel guest posting blog? Then you are on the right page on the internet. Plus, you can use that post as a reference when pitching other blogs. If you are interested in other ways of working together, please get in touch!. com blog, then why not get in touch by emailing [email protected] Branded content brings you more loyal clients and 7x more brand awareness, and boosts social shares & sales. Three to four copyright free images of 700 X 420 pixels with good quality. We don't accept posts that are obviously promotional, as that does not fit with the tone and style our readers enjoy. You also agree to share your published post on your own social media platforms when it is live. With our guest posts, your client will develop a better online reputation, more site traffic and thus increased sales. Every so often, folks reach out to me by email or Instagram DM with their own stories and how-to’s on how they converted their car or SUV, so I decided to start featuring them. It is actually one of the most powerful and dynamic tools that is used for promoting an online…. Write for us Health (Guest Post) - Fix Health provides you an opportunity to submit a guest post on our website. If you have some amazing stories or content to share with us, we would love to see them. Here’s the list; You should use your best work as a guest post. Enjoy! I have always been an avid reader, but I don't remember a visceral response to traveling via books until I read my first Harlequin Presents. Top 5 places to celebrate New year Eve in Dubai. We hope whoever stumbles upon this blog can get some ideas for future vacations, weekend getaways, hikes or day trips. Special thanks to Charlene Scott for her wonderful write-up about her recent visit to America On Wheels Museum! Her travel blog, Roadrunner Journeys, features her adventures visiting various historical and cultural sites. How will it benefit you: Your content will gain more audience and all the praises it deserves. Please read through our guidelines before you submit a guest post: We expect professional articles with excellent spelling, grammar and attention to detail. August 12, 2016 - Updated on December 24, 2020. 5 Ways Guest Posts Promote Your Travel Site. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. The Write Travel Blog is a short story blog about global travel. We welcome travel related guest posts from across the world. You will help us with your article’s and website Off-page SEO. So, we shall look at the 5 ways via which the well-written guest posts can promote your travel site. So if you have a travel story to share, we and our travel-loving readers are eager to read your experiences. We are ready to cover any kind of travel story if …. My article will 100% unique including two links (to my own blog). All and any article submitted must be related to the world of travel, for example travel and the environment, the impact of the economy on holidaymakers or simply a forgotten and over-looked travel destination. Share your voice, your story, and your expertise with the readers of TerraTale. Your guest post is much more likely to share value with Travel Lifestyle Magazine's readers if it's of a decent length . List of guest post sites & blogs for Blogging/Marketing. We will provide you a Backlink to your website. Guest Post! Reading Travel Has No Restrictions by USA Today Bestselling Author Lucy Monroe. • Eat Live Travel Drink: Bali Bucket List • Universal Traveller: Ultimate List of Best Things To Do in Seattle • A Blissful Wanderer: The Best Travel Books for Females to Read Right Now. Exploring Tallinn, Estonia: Guest Post. Travel guest posts offer you an opportunity to write and submit your travel articles and share a link with another website, such as a travel . A series of travel mishaps… Over the past decade, I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to several countries in Europe and further afield. Guest posts are one of the significant forces in the blogging field and could give you countless visitors to the website you are at present promoting. Rebecca Crook, chief growth officer at digital product agency Somo, now part of the CI&T family, says there's plenty of room for improvement in the sector. We are available on [email protected] Content should comply to the " Blog with Integrity " Pledge. Hortense Travel is now accepting guest posts! At the moment countries include: Spain, Italy, Morocco, Switzerland, European capitals in general, other European destination, Asia: Thailand and Japan in particular. Your Keyword “this is a guest post by”. Today, I have a real treat for you – an amazing travel play set, that the wonderful daughter of Sun Scholars’ came up with all by myself. I’ve been reading Erica Johansson’s blog Travel Blissful for years, so it was my pleasure to be given the opportunity to write 5 surefire ways to offend the locals as a guest post for her. We're proud to be the home of hundreds of entertaining and informative articles that have helped thousands of holidaymakers turn their trips from fine to fantastic. A blog post is nothing without its. Standard travel guest post content is 1000 words. Hi Guys, this offer Is exclusive on Seoclerk. Submit your travel guest post, stories, trips guides and travel tips on best travel blog, Travelled Around. The article you send us must completely original. Also share short description of the article. Getting the reader's attention and branding your blog is easy with unique guest post submissions but just writing any guest post and sending them out isn't going to be accepted. Tourist Boards & Travel-Related Companies Note that guest posting is open only to individual travelers who don't have a direct commercial interest in the content they provide. Go World Travel Magazine is a travel magazine for travelers, explorers, adventurers and nomads. com/share/ooGWwA6 Benefits of Using Backlinks tourism, travel planner guest post authority backlinks in Your Online Ranking Benefit. Everyone loves their travel blog and due to the amount of low quality guest post requests . Please consider below guest post guideline before starting write for us. It is no disguise that Australia is a well-established economy. Guest posting is more for those who are looking to contribute a one-off post, whereas being a contributor may require some degree of commitment (e. Organizing as a mom may be quite stressful and Chores, such as doing the dirty dishes, can seem to go on and on and can easily encroach on quality family time. Top 25 Travel Blogs That Accept Guest Posts. Travel & Tourism Blogs Free Guest Post. Excerpt: A quarter century ago I was walking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago, the ancient pilgrim route. Each post should be 800+ words and include at least three (3) original images (min 800px wide). Our guidelines for a guest post are: 1000 words and more 4 free royalty pictures A short bio of the writer and his/her picture Original content Using the main keyword of the article at the title, H1, H2 and paragraph and in the Alt of 1 picture (we will help you with the keyword research and SEO) No sales copies are allowed. Whether it is friends, strangers, or companies looking to disperse more content, I enjoy having the collaborations. The article should be preferably in a “guide” style with a little bit of personal experience = reflect practical tips, which travelers can apply while planning their next trip. There are some Travel Blog where you can post your article as a Guest Post. com, we are looking to produce high quality and educational content to the audience where they need to know the information while travelling. Guest Post: Travel Photography Tips. 1-2 sponsored links can be included per post either in the body or in the bio. Here’s a full list of travel blogs accepting guest posts. And to enable all this with deep customer insights derived from data. The Travel & Tourism sector faces a "best case scenario. Awesome! Mike & Laura Travel has been a well-established travel blog since 2019. Interview with Glory Ali- Travel With Curves. That’s why we invite you to submit travel guest posts to us. Editors work hard to offer useful content on a daily basis, but end up spending a lot of their time weeding their way through guest blog . CnTraveller is probably the leading travel magazine in the world. Facts presented should be true and all opinions must be your own. This could include destination guides or tips, personal travel stories, ‘top 10’ lists, or travel accessory guides. I consider it’s always good to give back to …. If you’re a travel writer looking to expand your business or brand through guest posting, this list is for you. Dubai is truly one of those 'have-it-all' cities and will never fail to surprise you. Guest Posting; I will travel guest post with dofollow backlinks on my da80 blog. We refill drinking bottles instead of buying bottled water. This weekend it’s all about the Boston Marathon, and if you happen to be in town with the kids, take a look at my travel guide to the city in this weeks guest post for Don’t Mess With Mama. Falmouth is famously known for housing the world's third-largest natural harbour and is amongst the top travel destinations for sea-loving tourists everywhere. According to Bamidele Onibalusi's research, traffic sent by guest posts has a low bounce rate of 40% only, compared to the 90% rate from the Stumbleupon website. Are you writing about travel? The write for us option is available on many sites. food blogs accepting guest posts, recipes guest post, food blog contributor” etc. You must have to agree with our terms and conditions to become a family of The Run Time. Travelling Buzz is a blog about adventure travel in Europe! From skydiving in Spain to kayaking on the Black Sea, my goal is to inspire people to travel more and follow their dreams by exploring new places and taking new adventures! If you want to contribute a guest or sponsored post, here's what you need to know. One of my social media friends, Nick Richmond, is traveling around India on what I call a "spiritual journey. Guest Post: Choosing the Best Bag for Overseas Travel. If you are a travel blogger, travel writer or would simply like to share your experiences of travels around Spain then we would love to hear …. Get a Complete List of all korea travel blogs and Websites That Accepts Guest Posts. Lane Fournerat May 27, 2020 Comment. Based in the woods, Funtravellers is a blog by PR Bulls publishing family. So a link from these sites brings all the good things required to. Don't send the same guest post to multiple blog owners. Blockchain and the capabilities that it brings are endless, and the travel industry is only at the beginning of realizing new ways to leverage its capabilities. TRAVEL BROWSING – with Deborah Brauser My Guest Post: Confederate and Union Graves Mingle at Fort Smith National Cemetery Posted …. We currently receive over 50,000 monthly readers and we'd be happy to put you . If you are interested, send stories to editor[at]intheknowtraveler[dot]com *****A Special Note to people looking to Guest Post*****. Guest posts that are written for Travel Information need to, above all else, be informative and carry value for our readers. Optional add-ons (2) You can add these on the next page. We quickly grew into a valuable source of inspiring travel stories, advice, itineraries and travel guides, with the aim of demonstrating how to live a sustainable life of travel, whilst living your own definition of success. Check out this list of the best travel guest blogging sites, where you can also become a valuable . - Controversial topics such as religion, drugs etc will not be accepted. The following is a guest post from Adam Eyal, a fellow blogger over at Fringe Pursuits. Posts that are submitted need to be between 1000 and 3000 words long. To submit a guest post with us you have to us follow all the guidelines given below. Relevant posts only! Anything related to travel, conventional and nonconventional destinations, Travel budgeting, locations and personal experiences; Indietravel can make any changes necessary to your content so it better fits the blog's voice; All guest posts may include 1 backlink and will be shared on all social media platforms. What kind of Guest Posts we need? Backpacking adventures. Create and update your profile. Guest posts Important: only posts from other travel bloggers with links back to their blogs are accepted for FREE. I've won regular writing gigs on a number of blogs, most of which started by pitching a guest post. Our Blog is the perfect place for you to make guest posts on travel related topics. My own wonderful Sarah Sweeney – who happens to be a top editor at a major travel publishing company – has contributed her own musings on travelling, writing. And if you’ve had any travel disasters, these could make a great addition to my new category: Travel Horror Stories. CURRENT FAVORITE POST: Traveling On …. It’s really a great job done by you. Guest Post: What Does the Next Generation Storefront Mean. That baby was built on tactical guest posts. Write For Us Guest Posts On Health / Lifestyle / Yoga. A New Way to Share Your Travel Experiences. If your post gets accepted, you want to ensure that it does well. For guest post enquiries, visit contribute to our blog page and from their you can find out the guest post guidelines so you can submit one. Guest bloggers will need to provide a headshot and short bio to include on the post. 8 thoughts on " Guest Post: My Failed 1-800-Flowers Companion Pass Experience " Mark February 19, 2015 at 11:11 am Same-Doc. I mean, it can get in your head sometimes and you need a break. We give Guest Posting Service Australia. Become a contributor or submit a guest post for travels blog. I will write you back, and we will discuss the details. So come share your travel experience with us here by writing to [email protected] If you're a blogger and want to publish a guest post on my blog while including links to your personal blog. Travel Blogs looking for guest posts. Travel Guest Post Submission Guidelines for BestWorldTravelDestinations. Write for us on technology blog post like digital marketing, WordPress, SEO, content marketing, social media etc. Posted on January 14, 2019 by Sebastian Harrison. We accept guest posts around the topic of travel in destinations we cover on One Week In. The aim is to provide female readers, unique, original, and helpful information in articles. Title: Make sure to include a post title. Aged 19, I was looking for an adventure. The submission would include 2 backlinks (non-spammy) in a …. Finance blogs took the lead here, with 31% of bloggers (i. This is a grassroots journey through Cuba, built around community and cross-cultural engagement. com with the subject line "Guest post submission for www. Guest Post Policies for More Time to Travel More Time To Travel has received many accolades and awards. CURRENT FAVORITE POST: Traveling On A Third-World Passport. – The content should be relevant to travel in Ireland. As well as being home to your trip itinerary, it’s also packed with useful destination info. This strategy opens a whole new world for …. Travel intitle:”write for us” Flights “Write For us” Flights “Submit Guest Post” Travel Blog intitle:”write for me” Travel Blogintitle:” contribute to”. Hello there! We have decided to provide service of travel related backlinks and guest posts to fellow travel and lifestyle bloggers. Guest bloggers help adding valuable …. Guest Post Guidelines At least 1,500 words: At the bare minimum, your post must be 1. I let you write for me because I want content or a perspective I don’t have myself. The following guidelines are only for 'Guest' posts. com with guest post ideas and we are able. Payment sent via Check or PayPal. A digital magazine for those who love world travel. Content length: Normally I don’t impose a minimum length for your post but you know the recommendations and the best practices: the more the better. We want an In The Know Traveler. We reserve the right to accept or reject guest post submissions on a case-by-case basis. I only take guest posts from genuine friends or readers who’ve supported me, for example by buying my blogging book or commenting on this blog regularly. If you want to contribute to our site and are interested in our guest post opportunities then please feel free to get in touch by filling out the form below. If you think you can write about it, you should share it with u. Seeking veterans in Myanmar who fought beside the British in the Second World War. At 1library, we also offer guest post submission service on country-specific sites for local businesses looking to gain local benefits. Here is a list of the top travel guest posting sites where you can become a contributor: S. To submit a relevant and exciting travel guest post, fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Below you will find all the information for you to review before you write for us and submit a guest post. com or use our contact form with the subject line "Guest Post/Write for Us Opportunity" with either your final article or your topic ideas. Publish A Guest Post – Travel Blog. Don’t send the same guest post to multiple blog owners. Please include the below in your guest post pitch section: Proposed titles for guest post; 1-2 sentence summary of guest post topic; A …. Guest Post for Engineer on Tour. Here is a list of over 200 high-quality blogs and websites you can guest post on and contribute your content to in 2022. Travel priorities have changed radically for both leisure and business. I typically post about military life , parenthood , traveling with young children, raising a baby/toddler, family interest in …. – We are happy to suggest a guest post, or have you suggest one. Once we accept your article, You won’t be allowed to post it somewhere else; Good Author bio (Around 50+ Words) with profile pic (Optional) Topics that you can write for us: Write for Travel (Trips, Destinations, Travel stories & anything related to Travel) Write for Architecture (Home/Office designs, Interior designs, Construction,. We can provide you the relevant images for your guest post based up on your title for FREE. Looking to submit a guest post in a food and travel blog? You've come to the right place! Eat Walk Play is accepting guest post submissions. The most significant change is that there will be a charge of £150. I will also provide images related to my article. Better will be your content and services, more will you get famous over time. First things first: let's explain our goals. We publish articles on the business of travel blogging, so if you would prefer to keep the business side of blogging off your travel blog then here is your platform. Green Global Travel Guest Posts, Sponsored Posts & Other. With 25,000+ hand-picked publishers and open offers, you can get blog posts from relevant publishers regularly. That's why we invite you to submit travel guest posts to us. Check it out! We can all agree there are benefits to both in-person and virtual events. How To Pack a Suitcase in 30 Minutes. Do you have an inspiring story to share with me? Are you interested in getting your articles published on my blog? Anyone can submit stories of their travels to me as long as they are fairly well written, and adhere to my guidelines, which you'll find below. It was without doubt one of my all time travel highlights so this post is just a taste of why you should make Africa your next travel destination. Hey there, you blogging machine, you! I welcome guest posts from fellow travel bloggers who want to widen their reach and get noticed by the readers of A Passion and A Passport. Some topical ideas include: Travel Tips Destinations Holidays/Vacations Travel Insurance Personal Development Tips for Travellers New Travel …. Dear contributors, Tashiara welcomes you to submit guest posts on the latest topics that not only intrigue our readers but also educate them about the latest Indian fashion trends and tips, makeup, beauty hacks, holistic health and wellness, fitness, lifestyle, travel tips, technology, gifts ideas, etc. com, briefly outlining what your post would be about. Submit your Travel related guest post today at Chiragsachdeva. But make sure they do not come from a homepage, a landing page, a demo. I'm a blogger and I want to submit a guest post on your website that will be informative & valuable for your. Does guest posting still work? Yes!. I will post your article / guest post on high quality Travel niche blog. Guest Post: Firms can beat the skills shortage crisis by upskilling online. Being one of the beneficiary parts of search engine optimization, it helps in establishing links, authority, and exposure with a chance of building a strong …. Engage in citizen diplomacy as relations improve between the U. What is great about this list of blogs is we constantly keep it updated. Our Blog Category - "Travel & Airlines". How I met my best friend on the backpacker equivalent of Tinder, took a leap of faith and hoped she wasn’t a male serial killer from ‘The Land of the Free’. They have both online and offline versions and, although they don’t shout about it, I know they accept guest posts 😉. Guest blogging, also known as "guest posting", is the act of writing content for another company's website. The Travel Blog Site, Create free travel blogs to share with friends, family and the world. We especially encourage Travel Agents, Travel Writers and Bloggers to submit articles about Travel Experiences, Touring, Cruising, Travel-Foodies, Adventure and Recreation opportunities. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. ONCE they open will invite you. This works especially well with waterfowl, wading birds and shorebirds. Travel at Destinations is a travel and tour related blog which is opened now for free guest posting. Guest post on Travel Blogs. Write for us: We’re accepting guest posts on a wide array of topics including education, shopping, travel, health, SEO and business. Smashing Magazine : Contact for guest post. Travel Guest Post is one of the latest buzzwords in the world of internet marketing and promotion. Guest Post: Travel, Then and Now Airlines & Airports Glen Brewer May 22, 2014 This morning I shared an image of beautifully manicured Pan Am cabin circa 1960s. We are a community of travelers and friends. Bali Travel Guide – 48 Hours of Ultimate Fun. Our guidelines for a guest post are: · 1000 words and more · 4 free royalty pictures · A short bio of the writer and his/her picture · Original content · Using the . Nomad Life or experience you have in this field. Free guest post recipes on our Food/Cooking/Travel blog. There are two main benefits that come from writing a guest post on our site. So, guest posting is an effective information sharing approach via which you can fetch direct or indirect traffic to the given site. At Travel Branyik, I welcome unique travel bloggers to share their stories through a unique story to guest post. For anyone who wishes to be a Guest Blogger on Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide, here's some guidelines: Content must be pertinent to the Bodrum Peninsula or surrounding area's. Here's a full list of travel blogs accepting guest posts. If you'd like to contribute and write a guest post, contact us at [email protected]. Or, if you want to publish a guest post on our website, we'll gladly read, assess and eventually publish your article. Are you passionate about higher education and international student travel? If you have a story to tell which could be useful for international students, . I have a special treat for visitors to the roadside this week. Guest blogging, also called “guest posting,” is the act of writing content for another company's website. A Dangerous Business Travel Blog contains posts about travel planning, packing, destinations, and inspiration. Hubspot : Guest Post Submission Guidelines. Travel blog submit a guest post. Instead of having a long list of travel conversation questions, it is better to have them categorized to make everything easier. Your guest post can be exclusively about the things to do in the city. Rating of the Offer as calculated from other buyers' reviews. Your Guest Post Needs To Be · 1000+ words, but the more the merrier. However, this writing upgrade increases wordcount to 1500 and includes multiple revisions and edits to ensure the highest-quality content. We welcome guest post contributions to our blog from other bloggers, travel groups and aspiring writers. Here is a list of topics that we accept guest. "Travel guest post" means writing and …. Yes, Travel Off Path IS accepting guest post writers.