motorcycle ecu flash florida. The engine control unit (ECU) is one of these vital elements that contribute to the running of the vehicle, and understanding an ECU flash . He was rude the first time I called. With our HP Tuning software we will optimize fuel economy, Horsepower and Torque with a full overview of all Parameters we will adjust timing tables, Air fuel ratio, Temp/Fan settings and much more for your motorcycle. Thinking of taking your bike's performance to the next level? A motorcycle ECU Flash unleashes hidden horsepower in your bike. The Goal LLOYD’Z Garage Remote Tuning Centers are bringing quality tuning opportunities to an Indian Dealership near you! Utilizing new technology, Remote Tuning is a process that requires no dynamometer and can be performed by any LLOYD’Z Garage certified Remote Tuning Center. Features that ease, speed up, and improve upon the dyno tuning process, aye. Please don't hesitate to call us at 828-676-2222 (M-F 9-5 EST) if you have any questions fo. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > South Florida Type of Motorcycle Currently Riding: 2011 Cross Country. Although the PC is supplied with a basic map, it is a well known fact that no two. motorcycle ecu flash cape town. Please call us to get an accurate price which depends on your motorcycle model and type of flash. Motorcycle ecu flash florida. Motorcycle optimization, ECU Tuning, Boost vehicle power and save fuel, ecu flash fast MPH , Raise Rev Limiter. Most bikes today are phenomenally technical and their . If you’re searching for motorcycle ecu flash near me images information related to the motorcycle ecu flash near me topic, you have visit the ideal blog. If your fine with your bike breaking up slightly at certain RPMs or cruising speeds but want it to run strongerthen just get the ECU flash and leave it alone. The can ams come lean from the factory and run warm. Change the exhaust or air box so you can see that your engine gets the right amount of fuel to match the air flowing into the motor throughout the rev range. I had my R1 and FZ09 flashed by a guy I've dealt with in Fort Meyers Florida since 2011. motorcycle ecu tuning near me 14 Jan. Servo Buddies can run up to $90. BMW, Ducati, Aprilia, and KTM racing research and development. Three-wheeled electric vehicles, the Zipper line produced by Sebring Auto-Cycle are classified as motorcycles but sport a configuration similar to a delivery van. EDR Performance's famous ECU flashing service - Get your bike dialed in and remove limits with our proven ECU flash. The Data-Link kit includes a bike side harness that permanently installs to your motorcycle and a USB adapter harness that allows you to make changes to the OEM ECU. Essentially, flashing or tuning your engine control unit is a remapping of the settings within the software. Motorcycle ECU Flash Tuning Files, POWER COMMANDER, RAPID. ECU Re-Flash Tune File for: 4 into 2 Exhaust System with Modified Air Box. At Engine and Transmission Center, we have the equipment on site to reflash your vehicle’s computer. He was pleasantly nice the second time around. Flash ECU 20000 walk in with ECU removed from Motorcycle Remove ECU from Bike Flash ECU and re-install 240 bike must be brought in and leave on a trailer truck and can not have a license plate attached. order here order here in the past decade, we have flashed more motorcycle ecu's than anyone else on the planet for one main reason: all of our custom fuel and ignition mapping is built specifically for each motorcycle and intake/exhaust combination that we. store to purchase ECU flash for yamaha R1 R6 FZ09 FZ1. Nate you mention that I should tune then flash ECU and transplant you think the reverse is better, ECU flash then tuned. Motorcycle ecu flash florida Mukasa 01. 1537 miles Spark Semi System Brembo supersport rotors Brembo RCS Brake and clutch cylinders Bonamici Rear sets Bonamici Clip-Ons Cnc fuel cap DNA Air filter Ecu Flash Duca Bike clutch cover Many carbon parts. Once we receive your ECU we will call and notify you as well as ask for shipping preference and a credit card for payment. We provide a bespoke fully-mobile ECU remapping service to customise and tune high performance and everyday road vehicles. About Motorcycle Ecu Flash Florida. I was trailering my bike to florida. Understanding ECU Flashes And Their Benefits For Performance. What does the ECU Flash do? Superbike Unlimited’s ECU flash optimizes the power your motorcycle is capable of producing by removing these restrictions and applying performance-oriented tuning. What happens if I flash my ECU? ECU flashing, also referred to as tuning, updates the software that runs your vehicle by changing or modifying the vehicle’s memory chip in the ECU. Kawasaki ECU Flash Kits; Kawasaki Auto Blipper/Downshift Kits; Kawasaki ABS/Dash Delete; Kawasaki Harnesses; Suzuki. The result is a bike that performs dramatically better in all conditions. MotorcycleECUReflashing Oct 19th, 2021. As of now he does not do a flash for the R3 and is not aware of anyone and he's been doing flashes for quite a few years now. Purchase the ecu flash for your bike Remove your ecu and send it with the filled out ecu information sheet to: Flashed By Vcyclenut P. This option is great for units that do not have . Flashing an ECU is tuning or reprogramming the engine of your motorcycle to take what the manufacturer or a previous owner sold you and (ideally) enhance its performance. EcuFlash is a general-purpose ECU reflashing and editing tool that supports an ever-growing list of vehicles. 197 likes · 2 talking about this. Bst carbon wheels arrow slip on Ecu reflash Samco hose Aftermarket triple clamp Lots of carbon 520 chain and sprockets. Nothing is "Generic" and every flash is set for the modifications done to your bike. Kawasaki Z1000, Ninja 1000, Z800, Z750 & Z-750S. A large array of tuning tables and settings to get the job done right, absolutely. motorcycle ecu flash software, September 17, 2021. Nothing is “Generic” and every flash is set for the modifications done to your bike. I know someone who does excellent re-flashes of Concours 1400 ECUs but don't know if. Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new. I stopped in Pennsylvania at Guhl Motors. The result of both these guys work is . Yesterday put on 516 KM , and was using Lucas engine treatment , 1. They have done a great job tuning many bikes of various types. Tuning your engine control unit is similar to the idea of turning a few screws to modify the way specific components of your motorcycle鈥檚 engine run. Woolich Racing also sell ECU flashing products for a wide range of motorcycles including full packages with everything you need to tune a particular model. R1-Forum is a Yamaha R1 motorcycle. Watch the presentation to know more! – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow. Motorcycle optimization, ECU Tuning, Boost vehicle power and save fuel, ecu flash fast MPH , Raise Rev . FlashTune Yamaha R1 R1M R1S FZ10 Auto Blip Clutchless Downshift Kit. When you get the ECU Flash done, we can eliminate those annoying FI lights that come on due to you not having the Servo Buddy when you install a new exhaust. Cheapest Newest Tactrix Openport 2 0 With Ecu Flash Ecu Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2 0 Ecuflash With All Sw Full Set Ecu Cheap Chips from www. He has raced everything from ET bracket racing, 600 ss, 1000 ss, pro street, real street, outlaw, hand clutch shootout,. I1 T10 Canbus; E2 Series; E9 Series; Accessories. Yamaha Motorcycle ECU Repair and flash, Yamaha Motorcycle ECM Repair and flash. Moore Mafia has the specialist equipment needed to remap the standard ECU on most types. … Motorcycles Ecu Flash, Ciateul, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. The ECU does this by monitoring inputs from throttle position, rpm, gear position, intake air temperature, air temperature and coolant temperature. Motorcycle Professional Ecu Flash-Rom Reverse Engineering Our passion for bikes and our knowledge in ECU flash enables us to flash (re-program) many different motorcycle ECU with great success. Even bankrupcy isn't an option, there is no way around the fine. * Dyno Run/Diagnostic (“3 pulls”) = $100. Almost a 10% fuel economy improvement _and_ a noticeable power and smoothness improvement, especially in the low and mid rpm range. Motorcycle optimization, ECU Tuning, Boost vehicle power and save fuel, ecu flash fast MPH , Raise Rev. Dynoverks — Motorcycle ECU Reflashing in Melbourne. If it gets to 299/186 and the revs keep on climbing you know it’s a flashed ECU. But it wont be running as smooth as it can by far. $800 to $1200 (typical cost) $600 to $1000 (typical cost) Carburetor Tuning. Does anyone know where I can get a YEC ECU dyno tune in the Central Florida, Orlando area? I have dont some motor work and now need a dyno . Would definitely recommend if your in the market. I was about to tell him to charge a handling fee and return the ECU and bugger off. The ecu I put in my Honda a few years back now, the AEM EMS-4 was really popular amongst the rotary and crotch rocket crowds because it could be configured to drive an engine up to 25,600rpm. What is the difference between a power commander and an ECU. We have been an Authorized Power Commander Tuning Center for the last 10 years. Using a ECU flasher and returning it to stock. This covers the custom tune, dyno time, map flashing and instruction on how to switch maps, etc. I've tried searching the forum and I can't find any discussion of an ECU re-flash. Graves Motorsports ECU Flash Service. In Reference to a new Flash for Existing OEM ECU / MK -2 or MK-1 Just a further explanation, without explaining further that someone is close to having a new flash available and needs a guinea pig > that owns a MK-1 or MK-2 ( with original ECU ) in Tampa Florida , PM me if interested. EcuFlash also allows you to edit ECU data (known as 'maps' or 'tables') in a human-readable format using a XML-based definition system to translate the. Why ECU flash? The computers have changed everything, even motorcycles. Real World Tune Through Power Commander or Bazzaz EFI $385. Motorcycle ECU Flash Tune Service Orange County, Fullerton. The ECU flash is the internal storage area where the data required for ECU functioning is stored. Fuel Injected Motorcycles have throttle bodies and fuel injectors driven by the ECU (engine control unit) . The ecu flash did exactly what I needed it too. We currently provide tuning services for COBB Accessport, ECUTek, Haltech, and Open Source (for certain vehicles). Motorhelmets ECU Flash Service Rates start at $150 – $350. Instead, with a fuse puller or needle nose pliers, pull the following two fuses from the fuse box: 7. Welcome to the ECUFLASH vehicle tuning website. High Performance ECU RE-Flash for the second generation Yamaha VMX17 V-Max equipped with 4 into 2 Medium Length Tube Mid Pipe (UFO, VooDoo Stealth) Style Exhaust System, Modified Air Box and a K&N Air Filter. Ivan is a bit eccentric but knows his stuff. Get your ECU flashed on your motorcycle to . You can view the products available on the Woolich Racing Products Page. Schnitz Racing offers Motorcycle ECU Reflashing that eliminates speed, acceleration and peak power restrictions that prevent proper engine calibration The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. In south Florida it was too hot to drive the bike. Suzuki ECU Flash Kits; Suzuki Auto Blipper/Downshift Kits; Suzuki ABS/Dash Delete; Suzuki Harnesses; Yamaha. Motorcycle Sales in Coral Springs Florida. be achieved by correcting the stock ECU's deficiencies and tuning the engine to take . He took the engine from the wrecked one, slapped it into the good frame. This also changes everything that compromise's performance & driveability. Our website frequently provides you with suggestions for seeking the maximum quality video and picture content, please kindly surf and find more enlightening video articles and images that. Concours 14 Steve's ECU Reflash. ECUWEST MOTORCYCLE ECU REMAPPING AND DYNO TUNING. Motorcycle ECU Reflashing - Schnitz Racing Schnitz Racing offers Motorcycle ECU Reflashing that eliminates speed, acceleration and peak power restrictions that prevent proper engine calibration The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. it supports coil on plug, sequential injection and can be setup for feedback based off of wideband or. it is based off their series 2 architecture. Typically add $100 to $200 total to base tuning cost. 00 Concours 14 / Concours 1400 / ZG1400 / GTR1400 2008 - 2009 Kawasaki Concours 14 ECU Flash - Available now !!. My wife and I rode up the coast with the Palm Beach Knights, to Stuart, Florida. It enables you to take a lackluster motorcycle with twitchy throttle. Search: Motorcycle Ecu Flash Florida. This includes cars, vans, bikes and even HGVs and tractors, allowing you to get. EIther way what you need to do is contact either Noe Martinez (Nometz design, Victory ECU Tuning - Noemtz. Winter of my discontent on the Gen2 09er has arrived in force as of a two hour ride last Saturday. Charleston, SC (843) 552-7177 Abacus Racing. He also provides a combination of Street and Dyno tuning, to make sure the car is completely dialed in for daily use and max attack driving. For more information please check Ecu Flash section. You can also have a full dyno completed by guys with portable units at many bike rallies which happen weekly in Florida during the winter months. About Ecu Motorcycle Flash Florida. Top 10 Best Motorcycle Dyno Tuning in Miami, FL. I stumbled across the company a while. ECU & Dyno Tuning Orlando Florida | Circuit Motorsports Professional ECU and Dyno-tuning Circuit Motorsports provides professional tuning services for a number of vehicles and tuning platforms. EcuFlash uses the OpenPort vehicle interface to reflash vehicles via the OBDII port. The shop I use is called Blais Cycles in Dania Beach, Florida. Joined Aug 29, 2014 · 13 Posts. Power Cycles helps riders maximize performance as Florida's motorcycle upgrade specialist!. The ECU flash will get your bike closer to where it needs to be tune wise and itll make more power. HP Tuning Software * Dyno Run/Diagnostic (“3 pulls”) = $100. Package the form and the ECU together and send to: Jett Tuning Attn: ECU Re-Flash 590 Constitution Ave. motorcycle ecu flash software. Motorcycle ecu flash florida Motorcycle ecu flash florida. However the top speed improved a little bit. Magnum Tuning makes top notch powersports performance parts, ECU fuel tunes, oxygen sensor simulators for car, ATV, boat, motorcycle, PWC. The same way your technology will work faster and more smoothly when taken care of in this way, your motorcycle will run at more optimal performance when you flash the ECU. A motorcycle’s ECU, short for the engine control unit, will sometimes be referred to as an ECM, or engine control module. What was only reserved for Factory Performance Riders is now available to you. Bar position is one problem, the PO installed the Heli-bar Tour Performance adapter, which seemingly brings. I specialize in tuning BMW S1000RR, Aprilia rsv4rr/rf, CBR 1000, 600, Kawasaki Ninja 636, 1000 and also Ducati. com is a Free Software developed by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. So, what is an ECU anyway? A motorcycle’s ECU, short for the engine control unit, will sometimes be referred to as an ECM, or engine control module. SPECIALIST ECU REMAPPING Services from ECUFLASH. Real World Tune · Real World Tune · RealWorld Tune ECU FLASHING SERVICES. RideApart looks at ECU tuning: the how, the why, and the what it does. Kevin Cadby who is located in KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, FL is the tuner who did . Dynoverks is an authorised motorcycle service centre in Melbourne offering motorcycle ECU flash tuning service using the latest technology and software. Bring in your motorcycle and our technicians will ECU Tune your motorcycle to unleash more speed, power and performance. About Florida Flash Ecu Motorcycle. The owner had two identical bikes. FTECU aimed to provide advanced and average motorcycle riders with the tools traditionally only available to factory race bikes, including motorcycle ECU flash kits. 00 Call for support: (503) 672-7223. (CC) And any Modifications you may have. If you have a C14 you want to get this done. FTECU are the experts in unlocking your stock ECU and unleashing your bike’s full potential. PROVEN PERFORMANCE ECU FLASH GET 10% OFF RETAIL PRICE THIS MONTH ON OUR GS911 PRODUCTS!! 2021-2022 ZX10R & RR ECU FLASH AVAILABLE. Many good shops also in the Tampa- Clearwater area, Miami, and Daytona. A ECU (re)flash involves changing the onboard programming to increase fuel, change timing, etc. From microcontrollers and processors to sensors, analog ICs and connectivity, our technologies are fueling innovation in automotive, consumer, industrial and networking. Customer service was great and shipping was fast. I recently bought an 07 kawasaki ZX-14. Every fuel injected bike has an Electronic Control . Remove your factory ECU restrictions with BT Moto. ECU Flashing The motorcycle ECU controls the amount of fuel, amount of ignition advance, RPM limiters, Top speed limiters, Power Mode, Traction Control and other parameters of your motorcycle. Start with internet, and you will find all of these. I had my ECU flashed by a guy in Florida, he adjusted the fan temperature, the fuel curve, throttle in all gears, but when I put the bike on the dyno it still has the same horspe power than before (132) and the AFR went from 12. This unit allows reprograming of the Magneti Marelli 5AM and previous 59M units, which are used on all post 1987 Ducati models and most Aprilia, Moto Guzzi & MV models. Reach out to us: Phone: (503) 672-7223 Email: [email protected] 2020 Comments on Motorcycle ecu flash florida Posted in Motorcycle ecu flash florida Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts Read More. ECU flash for smoothness in 09 FJR?. Factory ECU Reflash $175-275 (Depends on Make & Model) Real World Tune Through ECU $475. Motorcycle optimization, ECU Tuning, Boost vehicle power and save fuel, ecu flash fast MPH , Raise Rev Limiter 2021-2022 ZX10R & RR ECU FLASH AVAILABLE 2021-2022. Unlock the hidden potential of your engine with ECU flash service at Moore Mafia. Home Blog motorcycle ecu flash software. Put it on a rear stand and take her for a top speed run. This allows you to change various maps and settings in your ECU and significantly improve the performance of your engine. This too needs to be monitored, I fueled up when the low fuel started to flash, plus about 60 KM, so it appears that I had 3 liters in the tank, with 430 KM traveled according to my GPS. Can Am Polaris ECU Flash Tuning Only $139 – Powersports Tuning. 00 Motorhelmets ECU Flash Service Rates start at $150 - $350. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 15, 2015 (Edited) Finally, the local dyno shop I have been going to for years received the 2014 Ninja 1000 ABS ECU reflash harness and necessary BIN files from Woolich Racing in Australia. motorcycle ecu tuning near me motorcycle ecu tuning near me. Some of the benefits of re-flashing your ECU are: Allows Traction Control Mode to be adjusted/turned off ‘on the fly’. No need for a Power Commander or Bazzaz EFI unit anymore, everything is fully programable with far more precision than any "piggy-back" electronic device currently available. '06, Ivan's ECU Flash, PCIII, Scorpion Can, Airbox Mod, Wire Re-route, 16T, Speedohealer, Ivan's AIS Kit, Cat Skinned, Flies Swatted, EXUP Gone, Lower Fairings, EvoTech Fender Eliminator, Givi V35's and Top Box, SW-Motech Racks, FZ-6 Footpeg Rubber, Blind Spot's Fuel Line, Fren Tubo Brake Lines & Pazzo Levers, Luke's Seat Latch Mod, R1 Shock. Any questions always feel free to call 805-482-4192. We cover 99% of ALL CAR, VAN, TRUCK, TRACTOR. Read more Motorcycle Ecu Flash Near Me. Just did some test riding on my Connie with the new ECU mapping by Steve in Florida. The process is simple: Send your ECU to JETT TUNING and we will send you back your ECU Re-Flash. Custom Tuning rates are $595 for a day's worth of tuning and one octane map (93, 100, E85). The fine is approximatly $4,830 for each ECU they have modified. This new service consists of a Re-flash of your stock ECU in order to unlock all of your bikes potential. This also changes everything that compromise’s performance & driveability. still have yet to fully "diagnose" the issues, as there are more than one. Get them on the street quickly and safely. FTECU offers motorcycle ECU flashing kits, auto tuners, auto blippers, and quickshifters. I'm in the middle of modding a new to me 08 FZ-1, on the short list is getting the ECU reflashed. This option is great for units that do not have a flashing kit commercially available yet and Graves has developed in house resources and testing to re-program the ECU in house. We perform flashing services for vehicle owners, local car dealerships, repair shops and our customers. I have a Concours 14 Kawi and had it flashed by a guy in Florida who also tunes by feel and ride ability. Call either of our locations at 727-645-2686 (Clearwater) or 813-466-0881 (Tampa) for a flash estimate or click here to get an estimate now. Now I have it, and it doesn't want to start. 00 * Dyno Tuning per hour = $150. Blais Cycle has been operating a Dyno for over 17 years. 5 oz per tank, I got 60 miles to the gallon yesterday. Yamaha ECU Flash Kits; Yamaha Auto Blipper/Downshift Kits; Yamaha ABS/Dash Delete; Yamaha Harnesses; Mail-In ECU. About Flash Florida Motorcycle Ecu. ECU Flash Service EDR Performance's famous ECU flashing service - Get your bike dialed in and remove limits with our proven ECU flash. This is a mail in flash service for your motorcycle or side x side where you mail us your ECU to have it tuned. FYI, the EPA is now actively seeking out and fining shops that are reflashing ECUs for any vehicle with a VIN number. Jett Tuning, in Camarillo, CA, is motorcycle performance shop, specializing in DynoJet, performance upgrades, servicing, tires and accessories for race . How do you tell if your motorcycle ECU has been flashed? Every single flashed ECU has the speed limiter removed (299km/h or 186km/h). One was wrecked(no wiring harness), the other had a blown engine. , 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. What is an ECU flash? ECU Flashing is the process of updating the software that runs on your bikes ECU. Plenty of places to get your ECU flashed in the Orlando area. 9,287 Miles Meticulously serviced and never been dropped Large list of upgrades. Overrides the ‘Safety Mode’ with the flies installed. Your car should feel more effluence, smoother, and have a more consistent power output. A dyno tune is the most efficient and accurate method. Allows the last selected Traction Control Mode to be retained after the bike is shut off, thereby eliminating the need to remember to turn it off before your next pass. The flash cooled the bike way down and added some power to it as an extra. 2007-2008 Yamaha YZF-R1 Race ECU Flash. 00 *ECU Tune/Flash (Varies by Motorcycle). Box 33, Lynden, WA, 98264 I will then flash it to your specs, ship it, and send your tracking information After you receive your ecu back, plug it in and enjoy your new motorcycle!!. About Motorcycle Florida Ecu Flash. Ecu flash Discussion in 'Tech Q&A' started by Bigboye1, Feb 18, 2019. Ducati Multistrada 1200s ecu flash today. dynotune near me , indian motorcycle dyno houston, motorcycle dyno tuning houston, motorcycle ecu tune houston, what is the best tuning shop in the houston area, yamaha motorcycle dyno tune texas. FULL WOOLICH ECU REFLASH DYNO TUNE New Price was 95500 now 89900. Read more Florida Motorcycle Accident 2020. Tools that enable advanced professional quality road tuning, certainly. About Ecu Flash Florida Motorcycle. The 250 Dynamometer is a state of the art machine that can be used for tuning both carbureted and fuel injected bikes alike. and I am looking to buy a Dyno and learn myself how to flash and tune motorcycles,. Motorcycles Ecu Flash, Ciateul, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Full Face Skull Motorcycle Helmet. GSX-R600/GSX-R750 General forum. Specializing in Handheld Tuners and Calibrations. Reviews on Motorcycle Dyno Tuning in Miami, FL - Mob Cycles Garage, Everything Motorcycles. Ivan's® ECU flash for: Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 models - 0. For riders who need a top level ECU with the highest technology available, the ECULMB is. Little did I know, an entire ECU flash is COMPLETELY different than I've used Ducati depot in Minneola, FL and they flashed my ecu for . 3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000. Then all I need is the year of your bike and your model and Size. Check out all the services we have to offer!. com Address: 9720 SW Sunshine Ct, Beaverton, OR, 97005 Open Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9:30AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM-5PM. 2014 Ninja 1000 ABS ECU Reflash Done. Diversity of licensing options to best meet the customers wants or needs, indeed. Superbike AM #986 2014 FZ09 - Street Bike 2017 YZ250X - Dirt Bike (2 Stroke) 2010 Sherco 290 - Trials Bike 2005 YZ250 - B Dirt Bike (2 Stroke). com Waller, Texas 77484), Rylan Voss (Vic shop Victory Motorcycle Performance & Service - The Vic Shop) ,Ryan Randall (Lloydz Motorworks Victory & Indian Performance Products) or Kevin Cross (on facebook. I have got a question, I have my own Motorcycle repair shop. Ace Performance: Real World Tuning. My usual city riding yields around 33-36 mpg. So, what is an ECU anyway? A motorcycle's ECU, short for the engine control unit, will sometimes be referred to as an ECM, or engine control module. Our shop is reflashing most types of ECU to remove the restrictions that all the motorcycles have from the factory for emissions control and power limiting. com, Blais Cycle, Highway Cycle, K and G Cycles. It strikes me that an ECU re-flash would be preferable to adding a Power Commander which it seems a lot of owners have done. Tuning (basemap installed) Full setup of system, including dyno tuning, street tuning, startup maps, etc. Unlock the full potential of your motorcycle with Motorhelmet's full ECU Flash Tuning Service in Fullerton California. I've had email correspondence with both of .