how to reset acer monitor. Check Use my settings for this device box. Reboot your PC to see the monitor with the new rate. This feature is marked with a large "R" with an arrow pointing . In the MENU window, press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW buttons to select the RESET icon. How do I reset my Acer? Press the Alt key and F10 key at the same time when the Acer logo pops up on your screen. Indeed, it can be a challenge for you to bypass the Acer Aspire password when you forget. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Press the right arrow button, until the "Reset" feature is highlighted on your display screen. Language - Sets the language on. Method 3: Check the monitor Method 4: Check the input source Method 5: Reset BIOS to default. (3) For monitors with a joystick behind the monitor, press down the joystick. To sweeten the deal, the new monitor has G-Sync, ULMB and. Now Acer raises the bar even higher with its 200Hz Predator Z35. On Windows 8, select "Reset your PC" while on Windows 10, the option is "Reset this PC". Power Management - Allows the user to define the power management settings through the monitor itself and not the software. And, now it can not even get into login screen or recovery mode. In the top left corner of Control Panel, type Color Management. How do I factory reset my Acer monitor? Press the right arrow button, until the "Reset" feature is highlighted on your display screen. NOTE: The RESET function will not be accessible if the MENU LOCK feature has been enabled. Did your suggestion of Power Reset and did not work, but keeping your idea, I hooked up an external monitor, got into Control Panel, deleted the "non-existant" monitor in the device section. To easily do so, use the Dead Pixels Test website – click the links on the page to open a new browser window with the color and press F11 to make it take up your whole screen. 3) Now change the resolution accordingly and check if it. Way 3: Use Hardware and Device Troubleshooter to Fix Monitor Not Detected by PC. If you’re planning to sell your laptop, performing a factory reset isn’t the only step you need to be aware of. and will often require extensive work by a qualified technician to restore the. Navigate to the downloads section. So if your screen doesn't come on after you reset . Reload all your programs, and restore all your data. Now, I will introduce you to 3 common ways to reset Acer laptop without a password. 8 Inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Gaming Monitor with AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology, Zero Frame, 144Hz, 1ms VRB, (2 x HDMI 2. How To Factory Reset an Acer Computer. This means that the maximum framerate you can obtain will be equal to the refresh rate of your monitor (which is usually 60hz, 75hz, 85hz, or 100hz). Select "Yes" and click "Start". On the front of the monitor, press the MENU button. The X35 turned off and when I turned it back on it was in some sort of debug/service screen. Under the “Multiple displays” section, click the Detect button to connect to the external monitor. Amber indicates standby/ power saving mode. The easiest way to notice is by making the screen a single color. In this method, you will be looking for a small button labeled ‘Clear’ or ‘Reset’ on your case that can be used to reset the CMOS. Today, we're looking at Acer's flagship curved gaming monitor, the Predator X34. basic information for your monitor and current input or reset the custom color . Browse deals on Acer monitors, including the latest LED, 4K, and 144Hz models. This video will introduce two ways to access the Factory Reset option in your laptop and how to proceed to a 'soft' or a 'hard' reset. Use the "Device" drop-down menu and select the monitor that you want to reset. ACER Monitors drivers Here are models of ACER Monitors the drivers of whom we have. Increasingly complex screens increase the chance that the on-board hardware requires a "reboot. You can do it by following these simple steps. When you get access to the available options on your Acer device, you will be able to successfully perform Acer Hard Reset operation by using Android Recovery Mode or Factory Reset by using the settings menu. Reset Acer Laptop to factory settings, but using Monitor with HDMI. Connect the external monitor and turn on your system. Click on Get started in order to reset your computer. Acer AL1916 Troubleshooting If the screen is still discolored, push the "Menu" button on the front of the monitor near the "Power" button. Some monitors have the OSD button, you can press it for a few seconds to reset your monitor to default settings. Turn off the power switch and then turn it on again to make sure the flicker disappears. Explains how to reset your monitor settings on a LCD monitor. Next head to 'System Setup,' click on yes when prompted this will . How to reset or hard reset an Acer F900. Next, press the Menu button to enter the menu. View and your specific Display OEM s operating system. In the MENU window, press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW . Type regedit and press Enter to launch the Registry Editor. Step Press the "Menu" button twice to reset your Acer monitor. User Controls 1 English 2 3 4 5 External controls 1 Power button 2 Function key / 3 Function key / 4 Function key /X 5 Function key / Turns the monitor . Click the Recovery page on the right side. My laptop's screen has been broken for a while now so I have been using a HDMI connected to a Monitor. Yes, it's 2871 as in the year 2871. The overall procedure is lengthy and requires a lot of timing in completion. A hard reset may be required if you . If not, press "Alt + F10" when power on the machine until it replies to your action. brand: Acer category: Monitor file name: UM_Acer_1. Then click the Profile button at the bottom of the window and select Reset my settings to the system defaults option. Connect an external monitor and turn on your Acer computer. The next operation that you will be able to learn is Acer Soft. Search for Acer Care Center in the Start menu, and then go to Recovery Management > Restore > Get Started > Remove Everything. Click the "Menu" button, located at the bottom of your Acer LCD monitor. If your adapter cannot support multiple monitors or your monitor’s configured resolution, it may cause the no signal issue. Acer restore to factory settings is to completely recover Windows operating system (Windows 10, 8. To clean the LCD monitor screen: • Turn off the LCD monitor and unplug the power cord. 4] Reset your system BIOS to default. Way 2: Update Graphics Driver to Fix Windows 10 Does Not Recognize Second Monitor. If the monitor is on, but nothing is showing up, try to press the menu button to bring up the built-in monitor controls. Acer LCD Monitor Quick Start Guide (QSG) Important safety instructions Please read the following instructions carefully. It when white when I adjusted the foreground color to white. I was wondering if I use a VGA cable instead? My last resort is getting my laptop screen fixed. There is nothing wrong, per se, with the monitor. How do you hard reset a monitor? On the front of the monitor, press the MENU button. Windows 10 drivers of Wed Acer LCD Monitor Repair. Instead I was messing around and while the monitor was on, I held the power button and bottom button in for like 10 seconds. Select Acer Recovery Management. I got a friend to reset it but it nothing appears on the Monitor any more. Choose Personalization > Colors. Then, you can choose whether to remove everything or just your files. Switch off the computer, and then did the Power Reset. To reset an Acer Aspire to factory settings, start by saving all the files and data. I got a friend to reset it but it . How to Reset Monitor to default settings (AOC U2477PWQ). This manual comes under the category Monitors and has been rated by 1 people with an average of a 7. This is the notifications area. Try several of the links to ensure you notice the pixel, no matter what color it’s stuck at. I choose that and everything has been fine since. power it down and hold down f2 and then power it back up while holding it . How do I adjust my monitor through the buttons on the front?. In the list of results click Color Management. Turn on the computer for 2 seconds and shut it off again. How to Restore Default Windows 10 Theme. Just in case someone else Google's this in the future and it is the monitor at fault, unplugging wall power should hard reset, or pressing and . Limitation of Factory Reset Acer Laptop with Installation Disk. If not a mechanical power button, just wait 8 seconds. If you select then pick one of the settings it will save your current settings to the ones you have. Then select Light or Dark to continue. How to Reset Viewsonic Monitors. * Press the monitor power button in for 8 seconds (clears any residual power in the circuits). If the monitor is working properly, the light on the power button should turn on, as should the monitor. Monitor Status - Displays the current monitor settings such as refresh rate and other settings. ∙ Avoid placing the monitor against a bright background or where sunlight or other light sources may reflect on the face of the monitor. You need to press the Menu button, then go to the Management section and initiate the factory defaults/reset option. Take a compatible external monitor and connect your laptop with it using appropriate cables. 5- 2nd option in this menu is to reset the settings. Many times, simply reverting to the default Windows 10 theme solves all the display woes. It flashes on and then off after a few seconds, then it goes to a black / blank screen. After a while, you will be taken to the screen to "Choose an option"; your option should be "Troubleshoot". 4 ports on the monitor to corresponding DP 1. this also has a lock and must be pressed to release. To restore Acer monitor to factory settings press and hold the menu key. To change the brightness, use the brightness button on the lower right-hand side of the monitor. For example, an Acer 20-inch screen could have a model number of S201HL. Factory reset on an LCD monitor. How to Reset an Acer LCD Monitor. Luckily you can fix second monitor not displaying on Windows 10 with the easy tips below. Acer disk to disk recovery means to restore Acer operating system with recovery partition (also called D2D Recovery) or recovery discs. This feature is marked with a large "R" with an arrow pointing off to the right. Nikon D3300 For Dummies guides you through the specifics of each setting, and teaches you how to determine what controls work best in a given situation. Acer AL1916 Troubleshooting. Fix Acer monitor no signal issue. Way 1: Fix HDMI Monitor Not Working on Windows 10 from Display Output Settings. 2) Click on display and click on advanced display settings. Today's monitors rely on a small, internal computer to communicate with the host machine. Remove any existing peripherals and attached hardware. Sometimes, resetting the monitor can help to restore things to working order. Click on Yes to restore your monitor to default settings. Plug the cables back to the monitor and check. This cable has a lock, so it must be pressed and taken out at the same time. We thought we had seen it all when we tested Asus' 165Hz PG279Q recently. To reset your password, enter your Acer ID email address and the Control Code that you see below and click the Reset Password button. You can try the solution for Windows 8 or restore to factory settings with the Acer Care Center: Open the Search bar and type Type Acer Care Center. View the manual for the Acer Predator XB273K here, for free. If the screen is still discolored, push the "Menu" button on the front of the monitor near the "Power" button. Method 1: Check the connection "No Signal" on a monitor means the connection between the monitor and the computer is loose. Restore Your Acer Monitor to Factory Settings Connect an external monitor and turn on your Acer computer. Special notes on LCD monitors The following are normal with the LCD monitor and do not indicate a problem. 1 Power button Turns the monitor on/off. If given the choice, click on the “Auto. Press the "Menu" button twice to reset your Acer monitor. How to Reset Viewsonic Monitors. (Symbol of Screw Driver) 3- Touch Menu Again to enter Extra setting Sub Menu. Then, a window will pop up asking for continue or not. Step 1 Click the "Menu" button, located at the bottom of your Acer LCD monitor. Press the "Menu" button twice to reset your Acer LCD monitor. Fix Acer Drivers Problems. Click the "Menu" button, located at the bottom of your Acer monitor. 1) Open settings and click on system. It had an option to factory reset. Download Acer X223w Monitor Service Manual free and unlimited. Connect an external monitor to the laptop. Select your monitor Acer G226HQL and double click NEXT. Tutorial How to Change the Sleep Settings on Your Acer Laptop Locate the battery icon in the lower right corner of the screen. After restoration, the os appears to you just like the first time you see it when you get your machine from the store and all your personal settings, saved data. Press F2 and set a new admin password. How To Reset Acer Monitor To Factory Settings?. Method 1: Check the connection “No Signal” on a monitor means the connection between the monitor and the computer is loose. Hard Reset ACER SA220Q, how to. To test the display, attach an external monitor, and restart the computer. Discussion how to reset resolution on my acer monitor Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04. Now, turn on your Acer laptop and tap on the monitor button on your laptop (if you have it) keyboard. Acer Aspire: Under the keyboard search for the SW1 switch. Press the right arrow button, until the "Reset" feature is highlighted on . Step 2: Select the Monitor option in the pop-up window. Touch Menu to enter the settings than v^ to select the options. Many Acer monitors simplify and streamline the audio setup of your PC by building speakers into the monitor. My suggestion once you receive the monitor, Go to menu and click on settings icon and to the right pane you should scroll the page for reset option. Reset Acer Monitor? I was messing with the settings and selected the wrong one, now my monitor is black So I was changing up the color settings to my preference on my Acer s230HL and I chose one of the default color schemes and my monitor went black. If you want to make changes, follow steps 1-6 again to overclock your monitor. How To Factory Reset Restore An Acer Aspire One Hd. Best answer: will it let you get into the bios menu? it's usually f2, f10 or f12. In order to reset display settings Windows 10, you also need to change the colors of the display. Turn off the notebook, and reset the SW1 switch. After selecting the reset option, save the settings and reboot your PC. Both monitors are black and shows as not connected like they are stuck in sleep mode, sometimes one of them Users need to download and install the latest drivers for the USB docking station from the following url link: ThinkPad Basic USB 3. Hi, My wife was playing with the colour settings on our Nitro VG270U, I have done a search and cannot find information on how to reset the monitor setting to factory default, can someone point me in the right direction please? 0. This can normally be found on the side of your monitor. Download File PDF How To Factory Reset Restore An Acer Aspire One Hd new Nikon D3300 offers full control over exposure settings, but it also includes pre-sets and auto mode options for beginners. How to Reset an Acer LCD Monitor. Type the new password on the textbox given on the pop-up window, and click the “Reset” button and later the “Reboot” button which will restart the laptop after finishing the process. You can find the complete information for you monitor here. Description: This article will show you how to remove a yellow tint from a monitor. Right click on the battery icon to bring up the context menu. Resetting to Factory Defaults on SB220Q LCD Monitor — Acer. Follow the instructions to reset your monitor’s display color settings before making changes. It offers WQHD resolution, G-Sync, a 100Hz refresh rate and DTS audio in an impressive ultra-wide package. If you encounter the “No Signal” issue with you second monitor, you can click this link for the methods. How do I reset my Acer sb220q? Turn off the monitor and unplug all the cables including the power cord. Select the monitor has yellow tint from the Device drop-down menu. The next screen will let you know that the PC is ready to be reset. Once the context menu pops up, select “Power Options” from the list. Hold CTRL and move your middle mouse wheel. Monitor Acer X213H Service Manual. If you encounter the "No Signal" issue with you second monitor, you can click this link for the methods. How do I restore my Acer monitor to factory settings?. How do I reset the settings on the monitor? You need to open the OSD (On Screen Display) Menu by using the buttons located on the bottom right corner of the display. Enter the Setup menu, and select the option to reset the computer to factory defaults. You can also adjust the display settings by changing the resolution of the display scree. " Should a problem with your monitor occur, or should you simply want to restore factory settings, learn how to reset a monitor. Press and hold the Power Button of the monitor for 30 seconds with all the cables unplugged. • Acer monitor is purposed for video and visual display of information. Premere il pulsante freccia a destra, fino a quando la funzione di "Reset" . This is the control panel cable. When the factory reset process is complete, the initial setup screen will appear as if you’ve just taken it out of the box. Acer aspire black screen after resetting it to factory settings. This first generation Acer monitor doesn't have a setting in the OSD to choose refresh rate. Always put the monitor in a place where there is adequate ventilation. Acer Monitor Reads "Input Not Supported" - posted in External Hardware: Hello, Windows 7 Dell Quad Core Studio Desktop Acer X203H monitor My wife went to use the computer which had been running. To detect a second monitor manually on Windows 10, use these steps: Open Settings. Once in the menu use the < / > button to select Settings, then press the Menu button to enter. They’re some of the easiest hardware to set up and you’ll find they’re easy to connect to almost any laptop model that’s not a Macbook. If the monitor is plugged in and there is still no power light, this indicates a bad power supply board. Now check, Acer Monitor buttons not working should be resolved. How to remove horizontal split screen on Acer Iconia W700 tablet running Windows 8. About Acer Disk to Disk Recovery. After completing the process,. Here are specific steps for you. Delete these registry keys by selecting the Delete option from the right-click context menu. To perform a soft reset, simply press and hold the “Power” button until the Acer logo appears on the screen. 4- Touch Up down (v ^) to select Extra Settings Menu options. Answer (1 of 4): Use the power switch at the back of the computer to disconnect the motherboard temporarily. The key will be found among the function keys (F keys) on your laptop. factory settings because i did this and because i had a widescreen monitor i had to get an ATI PATCH DISK. I don't know if you are still having this issue but in the menu on the third tab down there is a setting called gamemode. Infopackets Reader 'Tina' writes: " Dear Dennis, My monitor keeps going black. • Make sure both the LCD monitor and the computer are turned off before connecting any cable or unplugging the power cord. How to reset a Windows 11 PC to factory settings. How to hard reset an acer monitor. Sometimes when you connect a monitor to a Windows 10 PC, things just seem a little off. * Disconnect every cable (including the power cable) from the monitor. 1 to on and then turn on the notebook. Acer Monitor No Signal: Quick & Easily Fix Like a Professional. disassemble acer predator monitorbloopies fairies names platanos college admissions. brand: Acer category: Monitor file name: RF-BSLAC_11-0306_Tip Guide_V2_Final_lr. Press the power button below the screen of the monitor. For a complete guide on how to replace the power supply board, click here. Select an appropriate restore point in the Restore point description box, and then click the Finish button Automatic Acer Driver updates with a Driver Update Tool While you can download and install Drivers manually, as shown by the steps above, the process can be cumbersome and challenging, especially if you need to download a number of Drivers. Acer laptops have a proprietary app that handle restoring them to factory settings. I traveled all this way, back in time, just to help you. Press again to enter hotkey1 function. How to restore the default settings of my monitor? Print. This test is helpful if the display is black but you can hear that the computer is operating. Unplug the cable that is located to the side. Acer Monitor Not Working: Possible Fixes. How do I reset my Acer monitor color? Try resetting the color settings using the following steps: Right-click on the desktop. When highlighted, "Reset" is displayed in the sub-menu. Video of the Day Step 2 Press the right arrow button, until the "Reset" feature is highlighted on your display screen. This manual is available in the following languages: English. Fix Blank or Black Monitor Problem on a PC. How to fix lines on a monitor screen on Windows 10. You could go in Control panel> Power settings and select to turn off monitor after a number of minutes (of inactivity). To reset an Acer monitor, hold the OSD button down and wait for . If your display size and resolution aren’t what they should be, here are a few common causes and fixes you can try. Consult with the manual for your LCD monitor or contact the manufacturer directly to learn how you can adjust the monitor's height. In the Display page, scroll down the right pane to find and click Display adapter properties. If you want to use a different color for Apps and Taskbar, select Custom. If still you have a blank screen, then this could mean there is a problem with your monitor. We discuss the resolution configuration in further detail down below. I choose to update my chromebook. 1 When you stop working on tablet and leave tablet on, no matter what screen is open, it devides the screen horizontally into 2 panes. How do you hard reset a monitor? On the front of the monitor, press the MENU button. Navigate to the easy display switcher and choose the “Computer only” option. Even with nothing connected, you should be able to bring up the monitor menu. A soft reset may be required if the device is frozen and unresponsive on a black or white screen. I have attached product manual for this monitor. Manual for Acer ¦ Monitor ¦ Ferrari F-20 free download. If your smartphone Acer F900 it works very slow, it hangs, you want to bypass screen lock, or you have a full . At the point I connot bring any . Common Ways for Acer Aspire Password Reset without Disk. I decided it would be nice to hook up my computer to the monitor with the hdmi cord and did. • Due to the nature of the fluorescent light, the screen may flicker during initial use. Select the Reset my settings to the system defaults option. How To Reset Computer To Monitor Hookup Via HDMI Cords On Windows 7 Hello everybody, just recently I got a new monitor and HDMI cord. Pressing it will move the display to the external monitor. 0 Ports & 1 x Display Port), Black $200 USD 1 comment. After your computer restarts, you will need to change the refresh rate settings for Windows as well. Your mouse/touchpad probably has a ZOOM built-in to it. The recovery disks can be Acer recovery CD, Acer recovery DVD or Acer recovery USB, one of which should be made when you first get your machine. Before passing on my computer I took it back to factory settings thinking it would erase . How To Reset Acer Monitor To Factory Settings? Press the right arrow button, until the "Reset" feature is highlighted on your display screen. Alternatively, follow these steps below: Press and hold the Menu key. · In the MENU window, press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW buttons to select the RESET icon. This method needs an installation disk and if you don’t have it beforehand, this procedure is not suitable to the factory reset Acer laptop. Now, connect your monitor to the system and surely, it will work without displaying the “Acer monitor no signal” message. Simply follow these steps to reset Windows 10 display settings: Press Win + R to launch a Run dialog. • If the system has multiple sources of power, disconnect power from the system by unplugging all power cords from the power supplies. Acer monitor is purposed for video and visual display of information obtained from. Switch on the laptop again and as soon as the Acer logo appears on your screen, press the "Alt" and "F10" keys together. Use the Case Button on Your CPU. Sometimes I have to power it on and off 20 times before the monitor will work properly, and some days, my monitor won't turn on at all! When this happens, my monitor power light stays yellow as if the monitor is sleeping or in. Try connecting a different monitor if you have one. If this is the case, disable the MENU LOCK feature. You can connect most monitors and other display devices like projectors using the VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort cables. In the main window of Acer eRecovery Management, choose "Restore" - "Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults". Adjust the LCD monitor height by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. ∙ Do not cover the ventilation slots or openings of the monitor. Select the locked User account and choose the “Reset Account Password” option to unlock Acer laptop forgot password. Here at Acer we know that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Look at page 33 for instructions on how to reset the setting to factory. At this point, i had no image at all at the laptop and only in the external monitor. You are able to adjust the refresh rate to fit your screen to monitor. technician to restore the product to normal condition. You will be prompted with the User Account Control prompt, where you will have to click Yes. Reset your system BIOS to default. The only thing you’ll be concerned with is the color profile that a monitor supports, its resolution, and the screen size. Here's how to reset Acer laptop to factory settings without password. How do I reset my Acer monitor no signal? 1] Check cable connections. Factory Reset Acer Laptop after Logging in 3. Acer Travelmate: Disconnect the cmos battery and reconnect it after several minutes, giving it time to reset, and then hold down F2 when. Then scroll down to Reset and press the Menu button twice to reset your monitor. By default the monitor settings will be set to defaults. With viruses attack or systems crash on your PC, Acer eRecovery Media is ready to quickly get your machine back to factory setting and give you a fresh start. Plug the power cords of your computer and your monitor into a nearby electrical outlet. (1) For monitors with [1] and [2] buttons on the front panel, press the number “1” button on the. The brightness button will open up a menu allowing you to manage your brightness settings. To reset a Windows 11 laptop or desktop to its factory default settings without losing the files, use these steps: Open Settings. OSD Controls - If the monitor contains OSD controls, allows for the OSD menus to be adjusted. Get help for your Acer! Identify your Acer product and we will provide you with downloads, support articles and other online support resources that will help you get the most out of your Acer product. While the 40-plus ViewSonic products differ in price and quality, they all offer you the ability to customize your viewing experience with an array of color, sharpness, contrast, brightness, back light and tint controls. Just in case someone else Google's this in the future and it is the monitor at fault, unplugging wall power should hard reset, or pressing and holding the power button. Alternatively, the menu button, located next to the brightness button, will make a pop-up menu appear on the screen. First, press any of the function buttons on your ACER SA220Q to bring up the shortcut menu. Change the setting and select OK. In the RESET window, press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW buttons to select either OK or ALL RESET. So I was changing up the color settings to my preference on my Acer s230HL and I chose one of the default color schemes and my monitor went black. Biden doubts Democratic idea to cancel student debt. Click on your specific model of Acer to know your device much better. Step 1: Right click the empty area of the screen and select the Display settings to continue. The exact method for adjusting a monitor's height will vary depending on the make, model, and manufacturer of your monitor. This has to do with the model of your monitor. This four cables are the back light plugs. So, first things first, turn off your computer and plug it off from the power outlet. In the device drop down menu, choose the monitor that has the yellow tint. Great work! If you found this. (2) For monitors with buttons behind the monitor, press the second button from the top. Is there a factory reset somewhere?. After that, turn off the system and detach the external monitor. ) in Acer computer to its original factory default settings. : This product qualifies for ENERGY STAR in the factory default settings which can be restored by “Factory Reset” function in the OSD menu. Turn off the computer and disconnect the external monitor. Restore Your Acer Monitor to Factory Settings When your monitor says no signal, you can perform a factory reset of the display. Turn the computer off, and restart it. Then press and hold the power button for 30 . Then, you can access the recovery software. After finishing the above steps, the monitor settings will revert to its default color profile and then you can check if the monitor yellow tint disappears. Reset the power to the monitor by removing all power from it. ∙ Do not expose the monitor to rain, excessive moisture, or dust. To do so, follow these steps: Step 1: Open Settings on your PC. Remove the tape and unplug the cable that is located at the bottom. (1) For monitors with [1] and [2] buttons on the front panel, press the number "1" button on the. Repeat this 4 times and then turn on your computer normally. Some times the manual does not provide the information that we look for.