discord stream blank. Here, open the "Voice & Video" tab under "App settings" 3. Any content that is NSFW is not allowed under any circumstances. Including how to capture Audio from your web browser, . We recommend pressing Command+r to refresh the app before deleting app data in Mac. The steps below show you how to get a Discord blank name. keep in mind this did not start till after this update. To start, open Discord and select the Settings icon on the bottom left. It is the most straightforward way to stream Hulu on Discord. As of right now, if you wish to stream a game in Discord, you cannot use DX12, no matter whether the game uses it directly, or you use this tool to "upgrade" the game to use it. After updating, try to open and run Discord again to check it works well. exe file and wait for some time until Discord updates are installed. Trying to toggle it minimized to taskbar does nothing. Till here you have came up to share your screen but, your screen is blank and nothing is visible on it, to visible the screen follow below steps. Discord even picks up that I'm playing Elden Ring and prompts me to stream it. pcm file (so only the raw data). goes wrong and Discord displays a black screen when you're streaming from the . I think the "issue" still exists, but I really think the better solution is to just use a stream key. Recently when I've been trying to stream some games in a discord server I'm in from GFN, but it's just showing a black screen with my cursor on it. An outdated or corrupted graphics driver can cause a black screen while you’re streaming from Discord. Use this blank template to create a PNG image exactly 320x320 pixels in size. If you're running many apps and you try to . Twitch is the world`s leading video platform and community for gamers. Watch popular content from the following creators: _Sniper_(@_snlper), rampurr(@rampurr. Ok, so if none of these other posts did anything for you, I have a trick that might work. 320x320 Discord Sticker Template. Example: DiscordAPIError: Cannot send an empty message EPIPE - The remote side of the stream being written to has been closed. The above example chains the manipulating methods to the newly created MessageEmbed object. Try to check if Discord Screen Share issue still occurs. A few months back I was able to manually add VLC player for streaming through the greatest VOIP program ever (Discord, Duh) and now I can't get it to be discovered by your most wonderful program, can we please for the love all all that is Good and Awesome, get VLC back on the streamable program list. Particularly, any problems with the graphics driver, discord settings, and system errors are most likely to cause discord share not to work but on the black screen. Sometimes, some features like the game capture, might run into some issues. Will this work for streaming games other than Valorant? Of course! These are just graphics inspired by Valorant, they don’t require being connected to the game or anything. In the left sidebar, click the “End call” link to end the watch party. how to stream hbo max on discord. I did not try it to remove stream fx, I would have tried if anyone suggested in discord. Share screen pada Discord merupakan salah satu fitur yang sangat berguna disaat pengguna melakukan panggilan dan streaming game dengan cara berbagi layar dengan . Only way to resolve it for me is to not play in fullscreen (with a lot of lag). Cant purchase sub removed from discord As the titles states- I was removed from discord as I cannot repurchase my (obvious game subscription) I liked talking to the guys in the stream Thread by: TeamNoLube , Sep 30, 2020 , 3 replies, in forum: Pre-Sale Questions. Discord has numerous tricks and tips that you can use to your advantage. Try and find your answer in the group. Fix: Discord Stuck on Gray Screen in Windows 11/10. Discord is a software that enables players to screen share games with other users. This is expected behavior until viewers connect to your Discord stream. Most frequent issue with game capture is the infamous black screen. First blank the username text field. Once processes are ended, right-click on Discord, and click on properties. How to Use Discord to Watch Movies with Friends. Clear Discord Cache To fix Discord Screen Share Black Screen. Discord Text Formatting: How to Change Text Style in Discord?. Open Discord and hop onto “Voice channel” on your server to “Enable screen. Desktop Discord Just Blank (self. I’m also running into the issue where the return key doesn’t send messages, but judging from some posts I’ve seen online it seems like it may not have functioned this way in the past. If you run into the black screen issue again when streaming, try the next fix below. mcg88 commented on Apr 30, 2021 •edited. Fix #1: Restart the Computer and Discord · Fix #2: Run Discord as Admin · Fix #3: Disable Hardware Acceleration · Fix #4: Disable OpenH264 Video . The ‘Invisible’ status is a great way to be active on Discord while avoiding contact with other members on the server. Enabling Reduced Motion Reduced motion is an option responsible for animations and transitions in your Discord. There are two ways to update the audio driver. Dissimilar Permissions: As it turns out, one of the most common causes of the issue happens to be insufficient permissions. I hit the Pop Out button on the stream window, the stream pops out, and I can see it on my taskbar, but the actual window is no longer anywhere to be found on my desktop. Screen share does the same thing. Forza Horizon 5 players are experiencing the worst kind of crashes. ; A pop-up will open; select go to folder. Recently when I have attempted to share my Opera Browser using Discord's built-in screensharing software, all that is shared is a black screen with my mouse cursor. How to Stream Netflix on Discord. What is the default Discord font? Discord uses the same basic font all over the entire platform, including all chats between users and in your profile info. Keeping note of Hardware Acceleration in Browser and Discord settings is extremely important to stream HBO Max on Discord. The messaging app, particularly on the mobile platform, is known for not pulling excessive bandwidth during video streaming or gaming. Earlier used only as a gaming network, discord is now worldwide famous for streaming movies and shows by connecting with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney. Pure Valor is a Green Valorant Stream Package compatible with Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, and xSplit for streaming on platforms like Twitch & YouTube Gaming. In case the above steps fails to fix the problem then you should reinstall Discord. Spice up your Discord experience with our diverse range of Stream Discord bots. Including how to capture Audio from your web browser, how to fix the black. Do not misuse or spam in any of the channels. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #blankname, #blankmessage. Can You Stream Netflix on Discord? {How. Discord streaming on destiny 2 is not working when i go to stream D2 to my friends in discord i can stream it but the screen is just black they cant see what im doing changing my thing to windowed and all the other settings and nothing changes. js that records the audio of users in a voice channel. 000 templates! Prev ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌. If that's the case then updating Discord can resolve the screen share black screen issue. Fix 4: Update Your Graphics Driver An outdated or corrupted graphics driver can cause a black screen while you're streaming from Discord. Metode 3: Keluar dari Mode Layar Penuh. Sign-in to your Discord Account. The audio stream obtained from Discord's API only. It may be a fluke that can’t be fixed with a restart or it may be a bug with the app. The other factor that includes […]. 5M viewsDiscover short videos related to blank discord name on TikTok. Go to the video codec, then disable it. it will however always turn white when another window is ontop of it. Lately, a lot of the users are complaining about the Discord app getting stuck. A Twitch Moderator Application Form is used by those who want to become moderators for the popular social media platform, Twitch. Speaky Magazine was founded in January 13, 2018; more than 1 and half yeas ago. This stream usually Toxic and some troll Content 18+ with bad wordsLanguage (ENGLISH,MALAY) It's Funny and Fun!!!!. I found this here but obviously it doesn't work. If you have a DX12 only game, your shit out of luck on trying to use Go Live (Looking at you, HITMAN 3) in Discord, until Discord themselves fix it. Usually, Discord screen share sound not working issue appears when you are using an outdated or corrupted audio driver. One user, who goes by Vind on Discord, was among Discord's earliest cohort of users. 06K) The perfect discord music bot with an extensive dashboard! Feature rich with high quality music from Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud etc. If your Discord stream has no sound after resetting Discord’s voice settings to the default configuration, you may need to change some of the audio settings manually. Have fun! Open the Discord app on your PC or smartphone. To leave the fullscreen mode, just press the . Not using a stream key is extremely non-standard and not recommended. Make sure to choose windowed or borderless to ensure a near-full screen experience while allowing Discord to record and stream your screen. Click on the Finder Menu and select the Go option in top of the screen. Especially with remote work and communication on the rise, it’s important that every application you use to keep in touch with your peers works perfectly. Simply right-click the Discord icon, then click Properties. Discord, if you don’t already know, is a VOIP app that lets users chat with their friends. This used to work but now my friend say he just see a black screen on my screen sharing. Discord is an excellent application that provides you access to any feature that is available with other chatting applications. How to fix blank screen sharing on discord mobile? I want to stream my ps4 on discord mobile using screen sharing with PS remote play. However I do not wish to have to switch to chrome just to screenshare and would. A Twitch black screen issue is a connection or stream loading issue. Hit the windows key and search 'Task Manager'. js v12 and i wanted to have an PresenceUpdate method for when the user is streaming it says. Shiro is a full time student, so we hope to use this platform as a way to help with some bills and necessities while providing content we enjoy making and would love to share with you all! for more shenanigans, other services (pose commissions, photo commissions, etc) along with server exclusive content, feel free to ask to join our discord!. If you're gaming, screen share will let you live stream games to your friends, . ! The perfect discord music bot with an extensive dashboard!. go to the voice and video tab in your settings then go to video codec and. Click Applications if you want to share an app, select the app you want to share, and click Go Live. The Discord User Settings will open. Watch popular content from the following creators: jade🌷(@shortpeach), number 1 h fan(@step_bro_akechi), _-Simple gacha lols-_(@kveaenuku), Dino Kid(@dinoarmy4), cali(@diamondblokrr). No inappropriate or unsafe content. (Be Right Back) *Blank background 13 Panels ( About Me, Discord, Contact, Follow, . Next up on our list of Discord alternatives is Mumble. It allows adjusting the audio settings of every person on your stream individually. If you’re attempting to fix a faulty Discord screen sharing on your computer or smartphone device, follow the instructions below to get it fixed. it will however always turn white when another window is ontop of it level 1 · 5 days ago For me, I had to disable the NVidia GeForce Experience overlay. Check if the sound starts working. Any game I have tried to share does not have this issue, and neither does Chrome. My friend somehow got it to work again except for when alt tabbing but I haven't had as much luck as they have when it comes to this issue (I am running the game on windowed fullscreen as well). Join our discord at discord ) tag is 8164 I restarted the stream, and These are some of the resolutions that can fix Discord’s screen sharing not working with a blank screen Look, I know this is Netflix making sure we don't pirate or abuse a streaming service by streaming a streaming service, but I'd really love to watch movies with friends via Discord Look, I know this is Netflix making. To update Discord: Close the current Discord window. Discord is the best platform to try your hands on. Removing Hardware Acceleration Check to see if the issue persists. Streaming Photoshop on Discord displays everything normally, except for the canvas itself. Don't put up with the sense of frustration you get when you see that familiar white out, here are five solutions to solve the YouTube white screen problem. Trying to stream on discord to friends but it only shows a white screen Discussion & Info I've never had this issue with a game in the past. My fix was making sure discord itself wasn't using the gpu to stream Elden Ring otherwise you . A few days ago though, when I was just starting to use GFN, it was working properly. Streaming Netflix is possible over various devices, platforms, and apps, and Discord users have developed a creative way to do so. The issue with Discord showing a blank space can be addressed by going to Settings -> General -> Keyboard and disabling both Shortcuts and Predictive. When streaming the game on Discord Destiny 2 only appears as a black screen with the cursor visible since the most recent update (Witch Queen's release) and used to work fine beforehand. 000 templates! Prev ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ �. Discord allows servers that are boosted to Level 1 to create up to 15 custom stickers to be used in that channel. The maximum number of seconds to wait for the GUILD_CREATE stream to end before . The Windows Task Manager shows 0% when streaming a game via Discord. The screen share feature is pretty useful when you are on a call with someone as it enables you to share your screen with the person on the other end of the call. Blankos Block Party is a new multiplayer game owned and built by you, From Mythical Games. Delete the "Discord" folder or the "Cache" folder inside Discord folder4. Make sure you end all discord processes via task manager from the above steps. Locate the Discord folder manually or press the d key in your keyboard, and open it. Discord black screen on startup has many reasons like window error, old version, and many more. How to Stream on Discord to Friends and Servers. Some users, however, are finding that all they get when they try to watch a video, or search for one, is a blank void of nothingness: it's the white screen of death. Open Edge and head to “Settings” by clicking on the horizontal three dots menu from the top right corner. A setting for “Use our latest technologies to record your screen” can be found further below the voice and video menu. One of these is using a blank name on any server which helps hide your identity from all members. Everyone Loves Her - Magenta Hoodie [PRE-ORDER] Regular price $50. Step 1: Launch Discord on your computer and then tap on the Gear icon at the bottom left corner of the app. Streaming Netflix through Discord allows you to communicate with your friends while watching something together, even if you’re far apart. Although it’s a total pain in the backside, if you don’t disable Hardware Acceleration in Edge, your Disney Plus stream over Discord will be blank. Either you can update the audio driver. Metode 1: Mematikan Fitur Screen Sharing Teknologi Terbaru. If your Discord is stuck on the connecting screen, you can follow our troubleshooting guide to get it fixed. You can update graphics driver on Windows 10 to see if it can help fix this issue. Restarted Discord and its back! (and not in black)" - Ky. It’s simple to watch Amazon Prime on Discord if you follow the instructions. Just picks up a blank, white screen when I start streaming the game?. Well, honestly, I do not get why half-brother trough mother inherited the kingdom of Galicia, by all rights it should have gone trough patrilineal line to the uncle (king of León) of the little Jimena kingling, is that an oversight, or intended. It is an open-source, low latency, high-quality voice chat software intended for use while gaming. It joins a channel and starts listening to each user separately. Go to your browser settings, and search for Use hardware acceleration when. The Discord screen share might not be working for you and it shows a black screen when you are using the latest Discord technologies or when you do not have sufficient permissions. The reason is that these are copyrighted platforms and go against illegal piracy. Now, scroll down until you find the “Screen Share” settings. Having issues streaming to your friends in Discord? Screen is black with, or without sound? Well, this video may be of some use to you and help you fix that. iAndromeda wrote: Apparently this was just an issue with windows 7, after upgrading to windows 10, my screenshare works fine now. If you keep running the black issue when streaming in fullscreen mode, try switch to Windowed Mode. 2) On your taskbar, right-click Discord and select Check for Updates. Stream Disney Plus over Discord. Fix: Discord Keeps Freezing. Discord does not encode/stream gameplay until a viewer connects. As you know, voice calls and video streaming are the most lucrative features of Discord, facing problems with them can easily make you worried. How Discord (somewhat accidentally) invented the future of. the blank screen issue in streaming Netflix on . Discord is available for download from the App Store (iPhone), Google Play (Android), and other app stores for iPads and laptops. Even when selecting the window to stream, the preview is all black: Since I have a dual screen setup, I'm always tabbed out of the video window when I'm streaming it on discord so this adds a lot of headache to a simple "watch this cool meme video with your friends" task. Switch to the “System” tab from the left sidebar and disable the “Use hardware acceleration when available” toggle. Discord mainly lets you stream games, online videos, and more. Discord Mod Application Form Template. Ez tutorial on how to fix the blank discord screen/window-----Follow Me: https://twitter. I just ended the stream because of the audio issues , I heard the issues and ended so I know there in that stream. There are plenty of causes for this issue, which means we’ll need to go through each troubleshooting step one by one until it’s solved. If while you're streaming on Discord and your screen is black when you share it on Discord, it's most likely due to an outdated or corrupted . The steps involved in how to fix blank screen when using Netflix on Discord can depend on your individual browsers. Under the Compatibility tab, checked the first box (Run this program in compatibility mode for:) For me Windows XP (Service Pack 3) was already selected, and hit Apply. So default teh game is for me windowed 1920 x 1080. This tier gets a discord patreon role, access to the patreon channel, access to patreon community polls, access to patreon episode polls to guide what we are gonna cover, and will have access to our new monthly horror movie streaming parties. Some suggest trying Discord's desktop screen capture setting instead of trying to stream the game itself, but doing so will not share the game's audio. And place the game window in the center of my screen. In this little guide, we will show you step by step how to create your own server and set it up accordingly. a), Mole is Monty(@montytard), birdie 🐸(@froggyrot), BEST SAUCE 🔥📲(@chewbands_). These sticker files must be PNG, APNG, or Lottie files, with an aspect ratio of 320x320 pixels and a file size under 500KB. for em discord game/application share works if i set the game to. A pop-up will open; select go to folder. Is your Discord app stuck on a blank and Gray screen? users have seen Discord displaying a gray screen either while streaming or loadi. In the RGB color model, that same blurple has 88 red, 101 green, and 242 blue or (88, 101, 242). We have fixed the Discord Blank Screen issue in this post using user-feedback based solutions that can be easily applied on your computer . It is quite different from Discord and users might find it a little ‘difficult’ as it doesn’t include browser support, something that Discord users are quite fond of. Otherwise it's just blank white screen or static image with empty canvas, toolbars and a Discord window where i started the stream. 12KB visage d'homme, Twitch Emote Kappa League of Legends Forsen, fierté, visage, monochrome png 883x1200px 823. Yet another option that can be helpful in letting you get access to an easier and simpler option to resolve the blank screen issue in streaming Netflix on Discord can be to disable the hardware acceleration on your browser. How to Fix Black Screen When Screen Sharing on Discord ( Netflix, Amazon Prime ) 1. Honestly, it almost seems to me that allowing a blank stream key in the original OBS would be closer to a bug than not allowing a blank stream key. Discord may be challenging to use for those who have never used it before, but once you know how to use it, it is the simplest thing you could use. Can you stream Netflix on Discord? Streaming Netflix through Discord allows you to communicate with your friends while watching something together, even if you’re far apart. Discord is an excellent resource for gamers worldwide. Discord was specifically made for gamers to set up gaming sessions and communicate during games but the service is being used by almost everyone nowadays. That brings the topic to a close. Penyebab Share Screen Discord Hitam/Blank Tidak Terlihat Apa-Apa. The canvas is always either blank, or just displays my timeline in the background. This will be replacing the $8 tier we had. The canvas is always either blank, . Discord Streaming Black Screen. Here is a list of good Discord server rules to copy and paste: Be respectful, civil, and welcoming. To get rid of this issue, try to switch your . With over 90 million registered users, this ever-growing platform has a lot of cool stuff to offer. While this article focuses on netflix, you can follow these steps to stream your favorite tv shows and movies across any of the popular streaming services such as amazon prime video and disney+ hotstar. Once done again, click on Go and then on Go to Folder. He and his Battlefield 4-playing friends ditched TeamSpeak for the app, right as they were also starting to do more than just talk about Battlefield. Disney+ | Stream Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National. A place that makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often. Outdated graphics driver may lead to Discord showing black screen on startup, screen share, or game streaming. Is there any updated version to this?. Click the screen share icon that looks like a monitor with an arrow on it next to the text Screen. Open the Discord folder, and then double click the Update. The hexadecimal code for their blurple is currently #5865F2. Type ~/Library/Application Support in the address box on the top and then hit enter. go to the voice and video tab in your settings then go to video codec. How to fix Black Screen When Screen Sharing on Discord. Stream Pop out Missing Bug. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #discord, #discordlink, #discordpanel, #discordbanners, #discordland. Copy the number and add it to this URL, in the place of word CLIENTID. It is possible that Discord is running into problems. Working from home, taking online classes, and attending virtual. Reinstall Discord To fix Discord Screen Share Black Screen. Discord is a platform that lets gaming enthusiasts gather around. Metode 2: Memberikan Akses Admin pada Discord. sometimes i have to wiggle it a bit. Since there is a discord screen share black screen, there must something wrong with the discord app or the PC where Discord is running. You can easily create different sessions, add as many people as you want, and stream legal content for hours. on view more option the whole screen goes blank and then i have to open discord . Netflix can be streamed on various devices, systems, and programs, and Discord members have devised a unique method for doing it. Discord isn’t just a great chat application for gamers: it has many streaming features built in as well, especially game-streaming. However, many users are having problems with Discord such as Discord being stuck on connecting. Discord does not appear to be using NVIDIA NVENC when. Open H264 Video Codec, or all of these alternatives if you like. Others say to try running Discord's beta. In short, it’s one of the overlay apps or tools for Windows PC/Laptop that works similar to the Discord or Game Bar or Steam overlay. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to stream HBO Max movies or TV Shows on You will notice that the screen is still showing a blank and . Under compatibility, tick on the option Run this program as an administrator. Alternatively, you can also press Windows + R, type %localappdata%, and press Enter. This can be rather frustrating, but it’s not hard to fix it at all. The app automatically chooses 720p resolution, along with a 30-frames-per-second frame. It uses AMD’s social or gaming feeds on smartphones or tablets quite efficiently. The Discord app interface will go blank and reload. Alternately, you can click Screens if you want to share an entire. Once these changes have been applied, please restart your Discord stream. To disable Hardware Acceleration in Edge, open Edge, go to Settings > System, then flip the Use hardware acceleration when available toggle to Off (grey). How to Stream / Screen Share Netflix on Discord to watch movies with your friends. Most recent video , watch at the very end if there’s nothing at the beginning. Why is Discord Streaming a Black Screen? · You may be running the program in full-screen mode. Discord Streaming Black Screen6Dec 2020Feb 2022. But recently users are facing AMD Link Streaming Problem. If you want to modify the embed based on conditions, you will need to reference it as the constant exampleEmbed (for our example). To create Discord code block formatting in italics texts, you can use only one star at the beginning and ending of the text with the SHIFT+8 keys on your keyboard. Click on “⋮” at the top right of your browser for a drop down menu. Sometimes it is possible that the microphone which you are using is the reason behind the issue. Click on “Go Live” and start streaming Netflix. What is invisible name on Discord? Well, that a trick employed to make your name blank on Discord. To create your own Discord server, all you need is a Discord account and the Discord app on a device of your choice. Discord stuck on a blank grey screen is basically because of the You may get a grey screen on discord screen share while streaming due . You can download the driver for your graphics card manually from the manufacturer’s website. Press Windows + X and select Device Manager. Discord screen sharing is causing both the Steam version (which connects to the Windows Xbox app) and Microsoft Store version to. These are some of the resolutions that can fix Discord's screen sharing not working with a blank screen. Tap on “Advanced” for more Settings options > Select “System”. Make sure you have the right driver installed on your computer to eliminate the chances of getting a black screen. A number of things are carried out for the first time. This is Uni sans font, which is quite simple and belongs to the sans serif family of fonts that are known for good readability on almost any background. Once the task manager app is open, find the 'Discord 32 bit' tasks, right click on them and hit the 'end task' option. Nevertheless, production and maintinence of the stream is key. Once done, restart the browser to stream Netflix on Discord without black screen issue. Click the Screen Share icon located just above the User Settings to adjust the stream’s video settings. Always try to come to the Discord Elite Stream Support page FIRST before contacting me personally. However, you will see a black screen when you try to stream Netflix, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime. Apps running in the background are among the main causes of black screen when streaming on Discord. This post will explain how to stream Netflix on Discord without blank screen. 2 Discord asks for an update not yet available in the repository · 2. ; Find the Discord folder, right-click on it, and. In the left column you can see which servers you are already on. Discover short videos related to discord blank screen on TikTok. There are times when data’s stored on your application gets corrupted that can cause issues on your discord screen. Discord Screen Share Not Working? 6 Ways to Fix. To add a blank field to the embed, you can use. Type "%appdata%" and hit enter3. Discord is an online platform that allows gamers to connect with others who have similar preferences and converse while watching videos. Create an invite-only place where you belong. The context has changed, although the basic concern remains: to guide the reader through a trends perspective of reality (local and global), helping him to form an informed, well-founded and mature judgment on the issues discussed in society. And if you want to do a bold and italic combination on the message you are sending, use three stars at the beginning and end of the text message. Right-click the Discord icon in your system tray . Members of your Discord server can now join your Netflix watch party by clicking the “Live” tag in the voice channel. When the process gets over, launch the Discord again and check whether the sound problem still persists or not. What is the cause of this issue, and are there any fixes that you can try? Fix Black or Blank Game Capture – OBS & Streamlabs. How To Stream Netflix On Discord Opera Gx Ideas How to from s10. Closing Chrome and Firefox did not work for me. Discord uses the colors blurple, full white, greyple, dark but not black, and not quite black for most of their brand assets. Xbox Series X Remote Play discord stream sound problem: Hello, i wanted to show some next gen games to my friends via discord streaming, to do . The early Discord team, circa 2015. Tap the Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut. The Screen Share settings window will pop up. To start the stream, click the “Go Live” button after you’ve chosen the channel and stream quality. It has millions of users out there. Discord has a new Go Live feature where you can stream games in a server voice channel for up to 10 people, and there is very little lag, . You can also use this status to use Discord while trying to avoid getting detected by a certain community or a user. Discord on PC: Open the Discord app on your PC or Web browser. Do not join the server to promote your content.