bullet weight molds. Several of my molds drop a little high. Our Editor 10 9mm cast bullet mold Review: 1. Has pins included Excellnt shape. Variations between listed nominal weights and actual as-cast weights have absolutely no effect on accu- racy. I am casting using a Lee 4-20 bottom pour pot, . LEE Bullet Mold C285-130R, Diameter. Bullet Slip Sinkers "Texas Rigging & the Slide" The Bullet Slip Sinker was originally designed for Texas rigging of plastic worms. Still, they are in the range of:. All Magma Molds are test casting using a 92% lead, 2% tin, 6% antimony alloy. Featured Product - view the product details- Troll Tech Crappie Rig. Bullet Mould Replacement Parts. Hilts Molds Bullet Nose Jig Molds are used to create lead sinkers that are effective lures for huge halibut. Other categories you might be interested in Bulletproof Vests , Bullets & Shot , Buttstock Accessories , Camera Cases, Camera Bags. 270 caliber Plain Base 136gr bullet with a Flat nose profile type. Bullet Weight 60g, 69g, 75g, GC=Gas Check HP=Hollow Point HB=Hollow Base 40g, 46g, 54g, 84g, 90g, 98g 50g (GC) 37g (GC) 18g, 25g, 33g, 38g, 44g, 52g 47g 55g 43g ?. Molds are not guaranteed to produce any specific bullet weight. 3 out of 5 stars 60 1 offer from $11. SAECO Precision Bullet Moulds All SAECO moulds are machined from solid cast iron blocks one cavity at a time. Our Do It sinker molds are available to make almost any fishing lure you can imagine. Mould, molds Rifle Shipping $6. With most of the rifles I have used it in, that's as far as I need to go. 1/8-1/4-3/8-1/2oz Out Of Stock LMBU-316-4 4ea. The egg is made from the highest quality materials. 115 gr (1) 120 gr (1) 125 gr (1) 130 gr (1) 140 gr (1) 145 gr (1) 147 gr (1) 150 gr (2) 155 gr (1) 158 gr (1) 160 gr (2) 165 gr (1) 170 gr (2) 173 gr (1) 175 gr (1) Browse our selection of bullet moulds. To purchase your Bullet Slip Sinker mold, click on the PayPal "Add to Cart" button below to buy online, or you can download our catalogand order either via US mail or by telephone! Mold Style Cavities/Size Price LMBULLET 1ea. Do-It worm sinker molds make a popular bullet shaped sinker used by bass fishermen for worm fishing. Fishing Sinkers & Moulds for sale online & instore at BCF, Australia's top retailer of fishing equipment. The MP 452-185 four-cavity mould with flat-tip pins in place cast semiwadcutter bullets with narrow, flat noses. A Beginner's Guide to Casting Your Own Bullets. The blocks are machined out of 2024 T3. Lead Bullet Lee Moulds, Equipment, Tools, Components, and Accessories: Midsouth Shooters offers a variety of Lead Bullet Moulds by Lee in different sizes to fit your needs. Does anyone know what these are?I thought they were old bullet molds but maybe fishing weight molds or even something else. pistol moulds use handles #2735793, and four-cav- ity moulds use hand e #2735794. If you have a dispute with the as cast diameter I will test it with your stated alloy. * indicates a double cavity mould. RL6324 Case Trimmer Shell Holder -. Micro Band Bullets usually require no sizing A great innovation possible only because of. We offer every sinker mold manufactured by Do-It, who makes some of the best sinker molds in the business. Our use of quality materials to manufacture our Bullet molds gives us the ability to produce a higher quality product than our competition. Next is my trio of Saeco 315 molds; Nothing remarkable on the two left bullet molds or their bullets. Bank sinkers are commonly used in both freshwater and saltwater fishing. 59 New Lee Double Cavity Round Ball Mold (57) $49. Moulds for making fishing weights and a range of accesories to help you make your fishing lead of choice. Return Policy: To return a mold that you feel is defective, send it to the above address. The lower the lead content the lighter the bullet weight. The mold cavities are CNC machined for unmatched roundness and size control. More than 200 styles available. All molds are test cast, weighed and measured to assure consistent high quality. No rating value average rating value is 0. Bullet Weights: Innovative Sinker Manufacturing What began as a simple but unique idea, became the building block of one of the largest and most innovative sinker manufacturing companies in the United States. Check out our fishing sinker mold selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our fishing shops. 5 Jap The first 3 numbers is the finished bullet diameter. This mold set has the Bullet weight as 450 grains. This variation can be as much as 1/2% on the diameter, and 8% on the weight among the most commonly used casting alloys. NEI 7mm Paper Patch 2 Cav Alum Bullet mold, mould, molds Rifle. further reading the instructions that came with the mold says I can ad Tin to the lead in the Lead Furnace at a ratio of between 3% and 4% to both soften the bullets and. com: lead weight molds for fishing. I have a massive amount of molds for sale. Aluminum molds heat up and cool down faster than iron or steel molds and good bullets can usually be produced only after a few casts. Due to the variety of casting techniques, temperatures, alloys, etc. 90 New Lee Precision Reloading Lead Ladle 90026 (68) $11. The first two or three digits identify bullet caliber, the last three are bullet weight in grains. 002", and a 13 grain difference in weight. Light weight bullet for 30-30 recommendations. See our selection below and make Midsouth Shooters your Lead Bullet Mould Headquarters!. Just as long as the weight is consistent and they are sized properly, no worries. We offer over 1000 cast bullet molds! If you need a mold that is not in stock please call us and place the order over the phone so we can be sure to get one in for you!. The design is similar to that of the Lyman 452488 mold that I wrote about a few weeks ago. (Round Balls are identified by caliber only. A color-coded wooden handle with hanger holes allows the mold to be easily stored. Why We Like This: Nice and clean, made from do-it mold. Our goal is to make quality, affordable, custom-made lead weight moulds for lead makers. Lee Bullet Molds are a great choice for reloaders looking for a quality mold at an affordable price. Molds are available at gun shops and on-line. Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Live Chat Help Center Check Order Status. Custom quality cast bullet molds by Buffalo Arms Co. Today, Bullet Weights is reported to have the largest selection of fishing sinker products in the marketplace. I'm not sure which bullet weight to use so perhaps you could touch on several different weights. Baitcast Reels; Jigging, Dipping & Rigging; Spinning Reels; Spincast; Bullet Weights Slip Sinker Pro Packs - 25 Per Pkg. To better help you select the bullet that is right for your gun, you’ll find the manufacturer’s mould numbers, where appropriate, and the range of diameters for which each bullet can be sized, as well as other critical information, to our price lists. What began as a simple but unique idea, became the building block of one of the largest and most innovative sinker manufacturing companies in the United States. My 125 gr 358 mold drops at 132 and my 200 gr 451 mold drops at 215. 50 Do-it Weedless Sparkie Jig Mold. Hilts Fishing Sinker Molds. For weed less performance, few sinkers have a reputation, like the famous egg sinker. © Copyright 2015, 2021, Blaine Nay www. The mold and blocks have steel bushing and alignment pins for lasting precision. HOME PRODUCTS ABOUT VIDEOS & TIPS PROMOTIONAL SIGNUP. LEE PRECISION 90239 9mm Luger, 38 Super, 380 ACP (. Lee Precision Bullet Mould D/C Rifle TL309. I'd like to find a mold, preferably plain base, in the 100 to 125 range for smaller game. Consistent Weight Don't worry if cast bullets vary somewhat from the manufacturer's stated weight. To ensure the best possible bullets, mold block halves are CNC machined for unmatched roundness and size control. All Rapine moulds come with mould handles. Bullet casting starts simple, but it is as involved as you want to take it. Also RCBS, Saeco, Lyman & Pedersoli cast bullet molds in stock. 2-Pack Handgun and Bullet Ice…. For sale today is a nice used Lee Mold with handles. How to Make a Plastic Mold. 0% tin, 2 to 3% antimony and 96 to 97. com: fishing weights molds. From CAD to a real product For designing our molds we use CAD software. Recycling lead into fishing weights with Do-it molds. Lee molds feature trochoidal venting on the mold face and sprue plate mating surface as shown in the detail view in the image above. Reply #4 - Oct 19 th, 2008 at 10:29pm. In addition, aluminum blocks are one-third the weight of iron or steel mold blocks offering the bullet caster less fatigue during extended casting sessions. Bullet Weights Slip Sinkers. These bullet illustrations are artists' renderings. 99 Used Lee 6-Cavity 356-125-2R Bullet Mold (44) $55. Vintage TONAWANDA Sinker Mold Fishing Weight | Etsy. Shop from hundreds of moulds and thousands of tools to make casting, sizing, lubing, and loading easy and effective. Only 1 left! HILTS MILD LMBN -3 OZ. 460" bullet diameter; Weight: Aluminum: 16 ounces; 1. 166 358 PB NEI 2 Cav Alum Bullet mold. Weight size is cast in the sinker. 22 Caliber 36 Grain TC BulletBevel Base DesignMaterial: Aluminum. Lee mold blocks are machined from aluminum blocks making them rust resistant. Bullet Weights Tactical Tungsten Bullet Weights. The Do-It 3222 WR-9-A worm rig sinker gets your lure . Cast Bullet Weight problem. Wheel weights are also commonly used, but they vary a lot more. The bullet weight egg weight mold comes with a color name and it is available. 95 Used Lee Precision 452-200 RF Double Cavity Mold (35) $32. Latest By 2frogs 17 October 2021. 32 ACP with a 71-grain FMJ bullet. Problem is the molded bullets are coming out spot on at. Our ability to manufacture a variety of pistol ammo sizes (including some of the best 9mm ammo designs), precision rifle bullets and other ammunition molds that can be found in our store. Do-It sinker molds are the standard for quality fishing tackle making molds. All moulds are single cavity except those mould numbers by an * which are double cavity. Molds are made of high density, cast iron bar that is produced exclusively for Magma. 32-115 S&W Revolving Rifle bullet and the N. Bullet Weights Bullet Weights began as a simple but unique idea, became the building block of one of the largest and most innovative sinker manufacturing companies in the United States. Posts #3 a PDF file and #4 a redirect to another file. Mold for bullet sinkers with concave hollow base. Adygil Round Sinker Mold with 7 Cavities and 1/4,1/2,1,2,3,4,6-Ounce,Without Handle 46 $38 99 Get it as soon as Mon, Mar 28 FREE Shipping by Amazon Adygil Bank Sinker Mold with 3 Cavities and 16,20,30-Ounce 33 $74 99. Bullet weights listed are nom- inal and may well vary from bullets dropped from a given mould. To ensure the best possible bullets, the mold block halves are clamped together and the cavi-ties lathe bored for unmatched roundness and size. hensley gibbs cavity round ball bullet mold lead grain single cavity bullet mold 452 base bullet mold wheel weight lead mold 45 acp single cavity 45 rcbs mould hensley gibbs bullet mold mold 429 cavity black powder bullet mold 30 bullet sizing die single cavity bullet mold handles rcbs 2 cavity double cavity 38 mold 9mm gas check bullet mold …. Lee Bullet Mold R-E-A-L, Bullet 50 Cal, 250 Gr Weight Single Cavity Muzzleloader. You should only melt lead in an area with plenty of ventilation. Do-It 1103 BK-2-X bank sinker mold casts 6 sided sinkers with a built in sinker eye. Bullet Weights offers a large variety of fishing sinkers including Bank Sinkers, Bast Casting Sinkers, Bottom Sinkers and many more. Refine by No filters applied Brand. Find great deals on eBay for bullet sinker mold. Please, understand that bullet moulds are designed to drop bullets that are anywhere from. When purchasing Bullet Moulds at Optics Planet, not only do you receive up to 35% off but also Free Shipping on any order over $49 regardless of the weight. For example with a 147 gr mold designed for linotype, you get different weights with different alloys: Linotype = 147. Sinker is designed to be inserted into one or both ends of a worm to create a more erratic action. Bullet Weights - Painted 5 Per Pkg. Lastly, the bullet weights egg weight mold is ideal for catfish, it’s also a great all. A friend gave me a small amount of alloy . RCBS Steel 2 Cavity Bullet Mold 32-84-RN, 84 Grain 32 Caliber. The company was sold several years ago, and the new company doesn't make many things on their website. Bullet Sizes & Weights - How to Vary Them The bullet diameters and weights presented in this list are based on the use of Taracorp's Lawrence Magnum bullet alloy (2% tin, 6% antimony, 1/4% arsenic, 91. Vintage, rifle & pistol bullet molds for muzzle loaders, target shooting, hunting & plinking. 358 diameter 158 grain Semi Wad Cutter nose bullet suitable for cartridges like 38 Special, 38 S&W, 38 Colt New Police, 357 Mag. Bullet Mold lube and handles sold separately. This Do-It Worm Sinker Mold's ultra-hard, warp-resistant aluminum alloy construction with machined faces and precision aligned hinges ensures a perfect mold every time. Bullet weight depends on the alloy used in casting. SWC – KEITH BULLET Traditional Elmer Keith Design Gas Check /Plain. Bullet diameters and weights will vary considerably depending on the lead casting alloy used. YEXPRESS 60 Pack Fishing Lead Weights Sinkers, Assorted Size Worm Weights, Bullet Lead Sinkers Weights Kit for Fishing Pitching and Flipping, 1/8 1/16 3/16 1/4 3/8 Ounce 4. Hand Gun Bullet Molds - Lee Precision Handgun Bullet Molds Double Cavity Molds All molds for pistol calibers are double cavity to speed casting. The 6 Best Egg Weight Molds (2022 reviews). Learn how to make your own fishing weights using molds from Do-it Molds. Most bullets from Lee molds can be used as cast without sizing. Note: First three digits of mold number indicate bullet caliber. Many of the Rapine moulds are special order items which may require up to a four week wait. Who makes a mold for bullet sinkers with a hollow concave base? The Do-it bullet sinker mold has a rounded base. The Mould is in great shape, with perfect cavities. It does seem to lose momentum after 350-400 yds somewhat, but according to. You want to take precautions and always wear safety glasses and heavy clothing. 257266 Same as above bullet but with Express cavity to make it expand to large diameter upon striking game. The Worm Rig Sinker is used in weed beds, where it prevents the plastic worm from snagging or tearing. Both shoot well with my alloy and for some purposes, I consider the extra weight a plus. A heavy weight roun The 454-350-RF-AD3-72 is a 4 Cavity Brass mold. You can read all the Lee Bullet Molds Reviews here and receive useful information from our network of satisfied customers including product quality, shipping speed, customer service and sometimes even stories of using their Lee Bullet Molds. The H&G #130 bullet was designed as a lighter weight SWC design for the. 45-70 do you guys use to win matches? I will be primarily shooting 300 yards and less. The inner face of the mold could have had a small spec of debris which could have held the two mold halves sprung apart slightly, resulting in a larger, out-of-round bullet. Crappie,Tru-Turn & XPoint Hooks Do-it Molds Sinker Molds Eagle Claw Floats, Swivels, and Sinkers Gamakatsu Hooks Gary Yamamoto Jig Heads Mister Twister Hooks and Jig Heads Mustad Hooks, Rigs and Swivels Owner Hooks, Jigs, Rings, Accessories. Shop now and get Free Value Shipping on most orders over $49 to the contiguous 48 states, DC and to all U. Using these bullet molds, a reloader can shape the bullet to their specification for a particular caliber. Title: Rapine Bullet Moulds Created Date:. Hilts Bass Casting Sinker Mold. Do-It® Molds are the finest sinker molds available and make creating your own sinkers easy. The #78-185 mold had the smallest number of grains of bullet weight per square inch of mold or mold/sprue area, at 15. Fishing weights or bullet molds? In Tools and Hardware > Show & Tell. Bullet Weight difference from Mold. Lee makes these six cavity molds in a bunch of sizes and weights, for just about every pistol you could think of, and they also make single and two cavity molds for everything else besides. Jig Molds; Weedless Jig Molds; Sinker Molds; Lure Molds; Special Purpose Molds; RODS & REELS. Fishing Sinker Moulds For Sale Online Australia. Handles and sprue plate are included. 80 shipping Lee 2-Cavity Bullet Mold C309-160-1R 30 Caliber (309 Diameter) 160 Grain 1 Ogive (21) $59. The Do-It 3474 WNS-6-A Worm Nose Sinker Mold makes weights for wacky rigging soft plastic baits. USPS Shipping: We have 4 flat rates that are based on the order's weight: Light Weight First Class $5. FREE SHIPPING on Over 250,000 Products. Also, you didn't mention the caliber, but. It comes with 1 original Do It branded pin/insert for 1 row of cavities. 470" bullet diameter; Weight: Aluminum: 13 ounces; Brass: 31 ounces; 3. This allows us to be very precise in calculating desired dimensions and weight of casted bullet. Also, it is packaged in a poly bag. Lots of different options There are a lot of different setups with only one mold. Bullet Weights Not Found In Manuals. Melted lead can explode up violently if mixed with water or if a cold object is put into it too fast. Up for sale is a used Do It jig mold for worm sinkers. Get in where they feed! The Worm Rig Sinker is used in weed beds, where it prevents the plastic worm from snagging or tearing. Please note that mould formers are not included with any moulds. We offer over 1000 cast bullet molds, shooting supplies & bullet casting supplies. Lee Precision 90005 Commercial Bullet Mold Handles (220) $26. I'll let you know if he's impressed. Our unique weights are distributed worldwide by major outdoor retailers, marine dealers, sporting goods stores and department stores. 1-48 of 486 results for "fishing weights molds" RESULTS Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. To see our product list, visit our site. 225") 55gr Flat Nose GC Mold : LEE PRECISION. Lee 2 Cavity Bullet Mold for 50 Cal (517. Most people who've been in the habit of leaving . Note: First three digits of mold number indicate bullet caliber Mold # 225036 22536 225096 22596 225107 225209 225230 225322 225353 225358 225415 Bullet Weight 60g, 69g, 75g, GC=Gas Check HP=Hollow Point HB=Hollow Base 40g, 46g, 54g, 84g, 90g, 98g 50g (GC) 37g (GC) 18g, 25g, 33g, 38g, 44g, 52g 47g 55g 43g ? 55g (GC). A heavy weight round flat nose design for the 45 revolv PRICE $123. NEI 7mm Paper Patch 2 Cav Alum Bullet mold. Bullet Weights Tactical Tungsten Tear Drop Weights. It is fun and will save you money. Bullet Molds & Accessories at Wholesale Hunter Wholesale Hunter has what you need to craft your own bullets. These molds are one-third the weight of iron or steel mold blocks helping lessen fatigue during extended casting sessions. 277") 135gr Round Nose DOube Cavity Mold. Variances in alloy may effect cast weights and diameters. Bullet Weights Tactical Tungsten Flipping Weights. Each Do-It mold is individually checked for proper hook and insert fit. Paper Patch Bullet Molds 2-Cavity. 50 / Each - + DO-IT 3474 WNS-6-A WORM NOSE SINKER MOLD The Do-It 3474 WNS-6-A Worm Nose Sinker Mold makes weights for wacky rigging soft plastic baits. 004″ over the stated diameter because it is very difficult . Please, understand that bullet moulds are designed to drop bullets. This sliding sinker has a small-sized . A mold infested room of an old building. There are thousands of product reviews from verified purchasers from OpticsPlanet. 5% tin, 4% antimony, BHN 8 - 12) My favorite alloy. We can provide the volume of the bullet in cubic inches or cubic centimeters, but it is up to the bullet designer to calculate the weight based on the density of his or her alloy. Each one is at least 1 lb 10 oz, total weight is 13 pounds. Shop Fishing Sinkers & Moulds Online Or In. 270 caliber Plain Base 136 grain bullet with a Flat nose profile type. Concave Worm Weight Molds. Six Cavity Commercial Quality Molds These are made for heavy duty volume production. 30 Caliber Bullet Mold All Lee Mold Blocks are made from aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities. Lyman Bullet Molds for Sale. 454 caliber Plain Base 350 grain bullet with a Round/Flat nose profile type. Lyman and Ideal Bullet Molds © Copyright 2015, 2021, Blaine Nay www. Product # Diameter (inches) Weight(grains) of pure lead: 90406: 0. The weights of 15 bullets varied up to. The main differences are the wider meplat of the H&G design (A meplat is the flat tip of the bullet) and in this case, the inclusion of a bevel base to the design. 454 caliber Plain Base 350gr bullet with a Round/Flat nose profile type. Remember lead is a dangerous substance. com) All Lee Precision Mold Blocks are made from aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities. 30/40 Caliber (For RCBS Trim Pro Manual Case Trimmer) Our Price: $4. This amazing mold can cast up to 6 different types of bullets in different weights and lengths, hollow base Weight from 140 grain all the way to 430 grains New AAO 457 cal Rebated Boat Tail Hollow Point Si. These do-it-yourself sinker molds are easy to use and come in different cavity dimensions to suit a variety of hook sizes. Then maybe you could recommend a deer hunting bullet. Alternating between casting with the MP 452-374 and MP 452-185 moulds, the moulds maintained an even temperature to produce fully formed, shiny bullets. 330" meplat and 325 grains of bullet weight this promises to be an excellent hunting bullet! It is my intention to introduce a large pig to one (or more) of these bullets this fall. 75 shipping 3d 9h Lyman 2 Cavity Bullet Mold Mould #311252 75 Grain RN 32acp 32 S&W H&R $90. LEE PRECISION Lee Preciesion 90991,…. Usually a lead bullet is swaged in a LSWC-1 die, which combines the weight adjusting bleed holes of a core swage with finishing the diameter, forming the nose and base, all in one stroke. I thought it was on this forum but I can't find it. Learn how to make a plastic mold. Bullet Weights Colored Tungsten Bullet Weight. Home > Terminal Tackle, Hooks, Bobbers, Jig Molds > Bullet Weights. Do-it Weedless Bullet Bass Jig Mold. Status Please Select In Stock Sale/Clearance. Important Information Regarding Paper Patch Bullet Molds - Please Read. They really should take that site down. Used Do It Worm Sinker Bullet Weight Mold WR-9-A 9 assorted weights. FN Saeco 2-Dia Bullet Mould 1-Cav. Check this out it may have some info you can use. LEE PRECISION 9-mm 6 Cavity Mold (Silver) Package Dimensions: 11. It's also one of the many Big Bore bullets that we weigh segregate, giving you < one grain weight variation per box of 50. An old Tonawanda sinker mold, Good used condition No cracks or repairs. Round Ball Bullet Mold Weights Support Portal » Knowledgebase » Viewing Article Print 07/17/2012 2:42 pm Bullet Molds and Casting; Product # Diameter (inches). It makes 9 assorted weights, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 5/8. Notice the longer gas check shank and greater weight of the bullet on the right. I tried getting molds from Hilts as well, and they are of no use. Defective molds will be replaced or refunded, your choice, and I will refund your return shipping cost. This item is currently unavailable for backorder. 10 bullet molds: Editor Recommended. Bullet sizing is a bit time consuming but serves as an excellent quality control check. Lee Conical BP Revolver Bullet Mold. Order a mold with a new bullet design Actual weight approx 55 grains. The two Keith-style SWC moulds were cut from aluminum, while the 2 ogival flat-point moulds were cut from brass. The WNS-6-A mold has 6 cavities and makes 6 assorted sizes of worm sinker. The 270-136-FN-AL5-82 is a 5 Cavity Aluminum mold. The Ohaus mold had the largest number of grains of bullet weight per square inch of mold or mold/sprue area, at 49. LOOKS LIKE IT MAKES 4 AT A TIME WITH 4 DIFFERENT SIZES. This is a single cavity mold that needs cleaning and tightening. 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4OZ SIZES ARE PREFFERED. There are no signs of major wear that would affect their mold. We also offer melters, dippers, lubrication and more for the serious shooter to get the job done. In fact, wheel weight seems to prefer a fairly warm mold. Apr 05, 2021 · S&W 32 Caliber Bullet Mold Description: This unmarked two cavity mold casts a round ball for gallery loads and a roundnose single groove bullet. 356″ Diameter), 120 Grains, Truncated Cone 2 Cavity Bullet Mold. Sinker Mould Bullet Shape Copper Drop Shot Weights Fishing Sinker Moulds for . I use the Lyman 457193 bullet (mine drops at about 405 gr in 25-1 alloy) to establish a baseline for all things. the tolerances on all bullet molds are +0. Fairly Odd Novelties FON-10019 Ice…. Lead Ingot Molds (Handles not required) Down Rigger Molds A single cavity mold that requires only one integral wire form insert (3/32" Brass). I'm looking for a reference / catalog of molds made by various makers over the century. Cestony 3Pcs Mini Machine Gun…. Compared to other alloys, wheel weight is not as sensitive to mold venting or casting temperature. Handgun Bullet Molds Double Cavity Molds All molds for pistol calibers are double cavity to speed casting. Great for sinkers, any other use for soft lead. Using the same cutting tool (cherrie) for each cavity on digital equipment guarantees that each cavity duplicates the previous one. About Us Policies Reviews How To. 2 cavity mold makes 6 and 8 oz. Custom molds must be inspected and returned if found defective within 30 days of receipt. With over a dozen different style of sinker molds, our selection can't be beat. 166 358 PB NEI 2 Cav Alum Bullet mold, mould, molds 357 pistol. Single molds will be made for any of the weights specified; single weights to cut off the point, and molds for casting all three weights. All of my 30 caliber moulds are in the 170 to 210 grain weight range. These items are in overall great condition. Photo by: Dariusz Majgier Dariusz Majgier Most people are keen on the idea that there are a fe. 10 Best Bullet Molds In 2022 – Expert Review – Aids Quilt. 357 lead semi-wadcutter bullet would be easier and better made using a. I will remove the handles to make for. i got two bullet weight molds,but both are convex bottomsthanks KP 02-25-2008 #2 Bad_Company. It's still known as the 545 Postell and is one of our biggest sellers with outstanding accuracy. Tools and Hardware 8417 of 9373: 3. Unless noted otherwise, all RCBS bullet moulds are double cavity type. These split shot bullet fishing weights swivel hand poured from do-it molds and digitally designed to specifications. org Note: First three digits of mold number indicate bullet caliber. ) Bullet weights are established by the. 22 LR) - Bullet Weight: 36 Bullet Mold& Handles- Lyman 20 ga Slug ON THE MOLD THERE ARE 20 AND 387 UP FOR YOUR BIDDING IS A Bullet Mold& Handles Lyman 20 ga Slug Very Good Condition AS SEEN IN THE PICS I HAVE OTHER RELOADING COMING TO AUCTION SOON THANKS FOR LOOKING Lee 6-Cavity Bullet Mold C225-55. Fishing silicon/plastisol lure shad Mold Mould Aluminium Mold 5x 50 mm. Only Lee guarantees roundness of. Bullet Mold 5 Cavity Aluminum. Your only hope of getting those is either having someone pour you some or trying to find the mold on E-bay. Today, Bullet Weights is one of the largest sinker manufacturers in the world. Click on Chart Pages 1, 2, or 3 to enlarge. Shop Bullet Molds Products & Save Up to 27% Off. Tapered shape of our sinker mold helps to reduce snags. Bullet Mold Made from aluminum because of its exceptional molding qualities. Do-It Molds BHB-1059 Bullet Jig 1/8& 1/4 and Two Hilts Fish Molds 630-1& 630-4 You are bidding on a Do-It Molds BHB-1059 Bullet Jig 1/8& 1/4 and Two Hilts Fish Molds 630-1& 630-4. Used for: 4 Cavity molds up to 0. Lee Precision does not recommend the use of any spray type mold release products in their bullet molds. The last 3 numbers is the finished bullet weight. Weight variations can also be expected due to the same variations. Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses. 550" bullet diameter; 5 Cavity molds up to 0. Lee 2-Cavity Bullet Mold 50-320-REAL 50 Caliber (517 Diameter) 320 Grain R. Choose from popular styles like No Roll sinker molds, Pyramid sinker molds, River sinker molds, Trolling sinker molds and more. 223 caliber and below, but Lyman makes those in single cavity. Sinker mould options include ball sinker mould, Snapper . looking for a bullet weight mold with concave bottoms on the sinkers. Therefore, most buyers call the weight suits best, and no one questions it. Place the bullet on the ram, lower the handle to raise the ram. Premium Lead Bullet Molds. Heavy duty constuction of cast aluminum. Maximizing productivity using injection molding. UP FOR BID IS THIS VINTAGE HILTS MOLDS BULLET FISHING WEIGHT MOLD MODEL LMBULLET OR LM-BULLET. Bullet molds for black powder and smokeless powder firearms. Visa American Express Master Card Paypal. In addition, aluminium blocks are one-third the weight of iron or steel mold blocks offering the bullet caster less fatigue during extended casting sessions . 358-158 grain bullet might show a diameter variation of. If the bullet weight you wish to load is not found in your favorite manual, it is safe to use loads listed for a heavier weight bullet and find a load for the powder you have. Hexagon sides of the bank sinker resist rolling in currents. Lead Ingots, 50+ LB Pure/Clean Lead Casting Bullets, Fishing Weights, Sinkers. 99 Do-it Weedless Flipping Jig Mold. Category: Bullet Moulds or Molds. 115 gr (1) 120 gr (1) 125 gr (1) 130 gr (1) 140 gr (1) 145 gr (1) 147 gr (1) Round Ball Bullet Moulds. For example, the 45 caliber LBT 545 grain Postell mould that I have drops a bullet weighing between 543 and 547 grains. Aluminum molds heat up and cool down faster than more iron or steel molds so good bullets can usually be produced after only a few casts. 5% tin, 4% antimony, BHN 8 – 12) My favorite alloy. Hilts Sinker molds are the best! Whatever kind of fishing you do, whatever the conditions, we've got the sinker style to meet your needs! Select the style you need below and click on it to be transported to the detail and order page for that family of molds. 801-377-7289 [email protected] American Fishing Wire Swivels and Snelled Hooks Made in the USA Betts Bobbers Bullet Weights Daiichi, Mr. Weights given are Lee weights with suggested alloy; actual weight may vary due to the alloy mixture used. Light weight bullet for 30. I call this one my 315H because it weighs more than the others (H = heavy) and because it has an H stamped below 315 on the mold. Lee Bullet Molds - (by fsreloading. The first 3 numbers is the finished bullet diameter. 99 Do-it Weedless Football Jig Mold. 22 Caliber 45 Grain BulletBevel Base DesignMaterial: Alumi. MagBay Lures Lyman 1+ Pound Lead INGOTS, Fishing Weights,SINKERS OR Bullets Lead Casting. Above all, the survival fishing eggweight mold is ideal for soft and rocky bottoms. UPS Shipping: The cost is calculated in the shopping cart. Learn more about what mold is and how to identify it in your living space with these tips from HGTV. DRW-00 Wire Form fits DR-7 and DR-4 molds. Just change the pins and cast solid bullets or different style hollow point. This Do-It Worm Sinker Mold's ultra-hard, warp-resistant . Belt Weight Mold Makes diving weights with belt slots from 1 to 5 lbs. We understand the unique and varied lead shapes and sizes anglers need and want, and that's what makes lead makers worldwide return to JB Moulds time and time again for their customised moulds. Lee machines their mold blocks from aluminum making. Browse by Brand, Finish & more Hide Filters Show Filters. Worm sinker sizes: 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 oz. Mold # 225036 22536 225096 22596 225107 225209 225230 225322 225353 225358 225415. but the weight is coming out at between 470gr and 490gr. I've been thinking about starting a database of molds, searchable by part no, mold. Or bullet weights, model WR-9-A. 665 inches, Distance from bullet nose to the top edge of the first driving ring =. Lee Conical BP Revolver Bullet Mold. LBT molds are fitted for RCBS mold handles which are attached in seconds with special easy to install screws. Bullet Weights Tactical Tungsten Skinny Drop Weights. Depending on alloy used will cast between 146 to 150 grains and will drop from mold between. Do It mold faces are machined smooth and flat and individually fitted together. How about a Bullet Worm Weight mold with a concave back like a regular worm weight. you have torpedo sinker molds ? Any better pics of the shad and bullet head molds?. PalmerMold makes 8 bullet sinkers all the same size. I AM LOOKING FOR AN ALUMINUM MOLD TO POUR MY OWN BULLET STYLE WEIGHTS. The range of sinkers includes split shot sinker, pyramid sinker, bomb sinker and Snapper sinker. 361 bullet sizing die, look for UPC 812017001730Not intended for. I'm new to casting, and I recently bought a Lyman mold, #2670637 for 147 grain 9mm bullets. 90741 Lee Precision, 6 Cavity…. Put the sinker on the line, tie on the worm hook, thread the hook into the worm, and let the sinker slide down to the head of the worm. 310 Cadet Starter Kit with Mould Product details. Each mould is identified by a five or six digit number, followed by two or three letters. 357 jacketed bullet might require a. Using that load with the lighter bullet simply reduces the pressure, and the velocity remains approximately the same. 000 POSITIVE FEEDBACKS, BID WITH CONFIDENCE. First, you need to determine if your rifle will feed light bullets of a shorter overall length.